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Nexon launches Private IP solutions for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) & small to medium corporates

  • 13 July, 2004 17:32

<p>Network-based private LAN leverages Nexon's broadband network giving customers secure virtual LAN for fixed monthly fee avoiding the cost and burden of managing it themselves</p>
<p>Sydney, Tuesday, July 13, 2004 -- Nexon Asia-Pacific has launched its private IP solutions for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and small-medium corporates.</p>
<p>Nexon's network-based private IP solutions offer customers a virtual local area network (LAN), leveraging its Premium-grade broadband IP network. Separate from the internet, and with Nexon’s added security features, a private network means companies are assured their inter-office data is secure.</p>
<p>Barry Assaf, director for Nexon, said, "A private VLAN represents a superior technology option compared to a VPN because of the inherent limitations of the internet on network availability, guaranteed connection and network throughput.</p>
<p>"A private VLAN, however, provides a dedicated circuit for each customer within the Nexon-managed network. It provides a cost-effective and robust platform to merge voice and data infrastructures realising further efficiencies. Being able to make calls over this existing IP network, rather than making dozens of STD calls a day between state-based offices, has the potential for significant cost savings each month."</p>
<p>By paying a fixed monthly fee, companies also enjoy the benefits of having someone else run their network, avoiding the pain and cost. This results in lower operating costs and obviously lower capital costs because companies don’t have to purchase and maintain their own infrastructure.</p>
<p>Customers are assured high availability because Nexons’s broadband network is backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Targets of 99.9% availability are set and tailored to customer’s exact requirements, providing rebates for time-defined network outages.</p>
<p>Organisations large and small need to be able to share information and collaborate with customers, suppliers and partners more so than ever before. And, with Australian companies spread across two, three or more offices around the country, maintaining cost-effective communications, including voice, data and video, becomes a major challenge.</p>
<p>"Private VLAN solutions represent the ideal platform for private data networking because secure and proven infrastructure is there ready to be leveraged. Private VLANs, and their many options, have emerged as a major business-to-business communication solution."</p>
<p>Being a scalable solution means customers can start small and scale up as their access needs and number of users increase. This means companies don’t have to anticipate growth paying for a network bigger than their current requirements – they only pay for what they need.</p>
<p>And, the Nexon solution integrates with customer’s existing networks, making it a flexible integration process. A variety of connectivity options including ATM, Fibre and Ethernet are available to augment established network configurations. All rules, policies and profiles for the network are stored centrally ensuring greater security. It also makes adds, moves, changes and upgrades far more efficient.</p>
<p>"Nexon’s Broadband network offers a managed solution that has typically been reserved for large enterprises. Our experience shows smaller organisations have been looking for this type of solution but it either hasn’t been around or has been beyond their means to provide it themselves. Now, technology makes it easy for us to offer a service – and cost-effective enough for customers to take-up," said Barry Assaf.</p>
<p>Pricing and availability
The Nexon Broadband Private IP Network is available now. Pricing starts from $300 per month for two sites supporting up to 50 users.</p>
<p>About Nexon
Nexon provides state-of-the art communication and IT solutions perfectly tailored to service providers operating in the small-to-medium business market.
Backed by its experience, innovation, client focus and secure solutions, the company is rapidly gaining momentum as a leading supplier of security systems, broadband services and tailored IT&amp;T solutions.
By combining strong industry vendor relationships and a world-class infrastructure, Nexon creates new opportunities for companies and further enhances their competitiveness.
For more information, visit Nexon at:</p>
<p>Media inquiries
Gwen John Phl: +61 2 9555 1256 OR + 61 419 50 55 33</p>

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