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NetOpt launches next-generation, multi-function Network Security Switches

  • 19 August, 2004 12:10

<p>BRISBANE, Australia, 19 August 2004, NetOpt has launched Ranch Networks Network Security Switches for Enterprise Networks and Data Centre’s based on Ranch Networks’ revolutionary Managed Zones Concept. Managed Zones provide security not just around the perimeter of an organization, but protects an organisation entirely against internal and external intrusions. The importance of the Managed Zone concept to protect a network infrastructure against intrusion is immeasurable in light of the increasing attacks on corporate information systems.</p>
<p>Ranch Networks’ Virtual Zones functionality is reviewed in the recently released report “Virtualized Network Infrastructure” by William Terrill of Burton Group. “The value of network infrastructure virtualization is that a single highly available and resilient device can replace multiple separate components for a much lower cost solution.” said Mr. Terrill. “Given the focus and lower price point for the Ranch Networks device it will fit well within both the general enterprise network as well as in data center environments.”</p>
<p>In many enterprises today, only the perimeter of the network is protected. Organisations have invested and are continuing to invest a great deal of time and money - installing and maintaining devices that provide a Firewall between the WAN or Internet, and the LAN. However, there is a growing recognition that there is a greater risk of security breaches from within the network than from outside. The economic costs associated with these breaches are significant. Mergers, acquisitions, re-organisations and strategic partnerships all place additional strains on security as the scope of the network’s reach expand. Someone outside the organisation may suddenly need access to some, but not all, internal information. Multiple networks designed by different people, according to different rules, must somehow trust each other. In these situations, internal Firewalls are needed to enforce access-control policies between networks and protect trusted networks from those that are un-trusted.</p>
<p>Ranch Networks revolutionary approach to security and data networking makes solving these problems an easy step to take. Ranch’s solution integrates seamlessly into an existing data network, without the need for rewiring or reconfiguring and the web-based GUI and Wizards make it easy to configure and manage. The Managed Zones capability offers Multipoint-to-Multipoint Firewall security, cost-effectively segmenting a LAN into multiple individually-secured zones in both ingress and egress directions. Ranch Networks’ Single Pass Packet Scan technology allows for the integration of multiple services into a single product:</p>
<p>• Security Zones – Full Stateful Firewalls (20 – 870 internal firewalls, depending on model)
• Bandwidth Management for Quality Of Service
• Sever Load Balancing
• Real Time Server Health Monitoring
• IP Multicasting
• Auto Discovery
• Layer 2-4 Switching – all with full manageability
• Accounting
• With no per-user licensing fees
• Easy installation and
• Quick ROI</p>
<p>To match all the features of a Ranch box would require multiple firewall appliances, a traffic shaping box, a load balancer and a layer 2 through 4 switch, says Chris Karr, president of Ubergard Information Security Consulting in Avon, N.Y., which evaluated the RN20.</p>
<p>Ranch products are used to:</p>
<p>• Protect sensitive data
• Limit the spread of viruses and worms
• Make Wireless LANs, Conference rooms, and Guest cubicles more secure
• Meet regulatory requirements
• Provide security for VoIP deployments
• Provide adequate bandwidth for VoIP and critical applications
• Optimise your data center
• IDS and Anti-virus enforcement points
• Virtualization features and
• As a result, the Capex and Opex savings obtained by implementing RN’s solution are substantial and offer a quick ROI.</p>
<p>Epana Networks, a pre-paid calling card company in New York City, considered buying separate Cisco firewalls and accelerators for routers to segment its networks, but RN20 to be less expensive. The initial outlay was a fifth the cost, operating costs were half and the performance was between three and four times better, says Epana CEO Elie Seidman.</p>
<p>There is nothing else on the market that combines these functions into a single product, a multi-function unit – and it all comes at a very attractive price point.</p>
<p>“Ranch Networks already had amazing products,” said Susan DiBiase Lutz, CEO of ETSec. “The addition of Virtual Zones gives us greater flexibility to use these devices in a wider set of networking applications.” ETSec is a leading independent Trusted Enterprise Security Solutions corporation.</p>
<p>About NetOpt:</p>
<p>Network Optimiser Solutions Pty Limited (NetOpt) is Australian-owned Network Integration company specialising in leading edge Optimisation and Acceleration products and solutions for ICT Infrastructure, including end-to-end Wireless Networking for corporate and government sectors. NetOpt products and solutions optimise the delivery of business-critical applications while significantly reducing costs and increasing agility and quality of service. The company's mission is to help businesses and IT professionals use leading edge technology from NetOpt’s partners to improve the quality of service to clients, lower the cost of ownership, reduce risks and to grow their business. NetOpt's products and solutions are designed to consolidate IT resources while maximising the value of IT investments. More information is available at</p>
<p>Contact: Phone: 07 3303 8536 or Rick Nand -</p>

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