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Gigabit upgrade maximises bandwidth for the University of Canberra

  • 09 August, 2004 16:03

<p>Sydney, Australia (August 9, 2004) – To improve the educational environment it offers students and staff, the University of Canberra has upgraded and expanded its existing gigabit data network, enabling it to keep pace with its ever-increasing workflow and provide quicker and more reliable access to university resources.</p>
<p>With more than 10,000 students and 1,200 staff attending the University of Canberra, all requiring frequent access to educational resources and a range of multimedia activities, the University realised that it needed to increase its bandwidth capabilities and began looking for ways to upgrade and replace its existing gigabit network.</p>
<p>“Our existing providers had ‘dropped the ball’ when it came to providing us with reliable solutions that met our expanding future needs,” said Geoff Rozenberg, Network Services Manager, University of Canberra. “We needed a flexible and adaptive network, that could rapidly change to meet our evolving requirements.”</p>
<p>When planning the network expansion, the University contacted reseller ASI Solutions, to assist with a range of evaluations that would help determine which products best suited its network.</p>
<p>“We had major issues sourcing switches with the right port combinations to meet our existing needs. Some products had weak or inconsistent interfaces that failed to meet our network management requirements, while other just didn’t live up to brochure or datasheet descriptions.”</p>
<p>Technical assessment proved that NETGEAR switches were ideal for the University, providing high-speed data transfer, accelerated access time and connection flexibility, all at an affordable price.</p>
<p>“We were quite surprised when the initial quotes regarding the NETGEAR switches arrived, as the pricing was very competitive. In the cash strapped tertiary education sector, this is most attractive as it means that we can make significant upgrades sooner, allowing us to replace aging infrastructure before it fails,” said Rozenberg</p>
<p>The University installed three NETGEAR FSM726S Managed Stackable Switches with Gigabit Ports, five NETGEAR GSM712F Managed Fibre Gigabit Switches and five NETGEAR GSM7224 24-Port Managed Gigabit Switches, which offer robust features for configuring, managing and troubleshooting networks.</p>
<p>Easy to buy, set up and use, these reliable products offered the University everything in one complete package, including stacking modules and cables, management, gigabit ports and mounting hardware. For growing educational institutions like the University of Canberra, these switches offer an easy and cost-effective way to build a high-density, non-blocking network.</p>
<p>“We are happy with the NETGEAR switches because we have confidence in the embedded management systems and it integrates well with our network management software. We find we spend less time reconfiguring switches, less time working around idiosyncrasies and less time in training.”</p>
<p>The switches also deliver high-performance data transfer and have two easy-to-follow management interface options.</p>
<p>“In our opinion the NETGEAR product range leads the field in providing a consistent user interface, also including a set up that is straightforward and thus less prone to error,” said Rozenburg. “We haven’t required any technical support as yet, which serves as a testament to the ease of use.”</p>
<p>The University of Canberra was established in 1968 as a specialised training institution that prepared people for roles within the public sector. In the late eighties it officially became a university, expanding its portfolio to include a range of subjects and teach students interested in a variety of professions. As the University grows, accommodating increasing numbers of students and staff, it will continue to use NETGEAR products for future replacements and network expansion.</p>
<p>“Dealing with NETGEAR, both on a corporate level and through its resellers, has been a refreshing experience mainly due to their speed of response and attention to detail. We got what we wanted, as soon as we needed it, all with a minimum of fuss. Any busy network manager would value this level of service immensely.”</p>
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