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New Optima PC delivers migration path to 64-bit applications

  • 20 September, 2004 15:52

<p>WorkPro PC features leading AMD64 processor technology for tomorrow’s 64-bit software</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia –Optima Technology Solutions (ASX:OPI), Australia’s largest computer manufacturer, has released a 64-bit personal computer (PC) that delivers leading-edge performance for current 32-bit applications and support for future 64-bit applications.</p>
<p>Current Microsoft Windows-compatible PCs are based on a 32-bit computer processor and operating system. While 64-bit computers will be able to run the programs developed for the 32-bit environment, the new applications will require the more advanced chipsets.</p>
<p>Based on AMD AthlonTM 64 Processor architecture, Optima’s new WorkPro K8 Series PC allows home and business customers to buy 64-bit platforms that support today’s 32-bit applications while future proofing their investments.</p>
<p>“Sixty-four-bit applications will become mainstream in the lifetime of most current systems, offering up to a 25 per cent performance increase over 32-bit applications,” said Joshua Carr, Desktop Product Manager, Optima Technology Solutions. “However, the AMD Athlon 64 core of the WorkPro K8 not only allows a migration path to 64-bit applications, breaking the four gigabyte memory barrier, but also provides better performance for tasks such as encoding music, rendering images and efficient processing of data.”</p>
<p>The AMD64 technology is designed to provide superior performance for applications requiring multi-processor scalability, larger addressable memory, video/audio/3D processing, or high computational accuracy.</p>
<p>The WorkPro K8 combines several features to ensure PC functionality and productivity, making it ideal for government, education and retail customers. HyperTransport™ technology increases the overall performance of the system by minimizing information bottlenecks and increasing bandwidth, while an integrated DDR memory controller delivers improved application performance and a 50 per cent reduction in memory latency.</p>
<p>AMD64 Enhanced Virus Protection works in conjunction with Microsoft®Windows® XP Service Pack 2 to protect the WorkPro K8 against viruses and worms. Enhanced Virus Protection sets portions of system memory aside as ‘data only’ meaning that any code resident in these areas cannot be executed. In this way the feature acts as a preventative measure against viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, such as MSBlaster and Slammer. The new PC also includes Serial ATA RAID 0,1 for total low-cost HDD security.</p>
<p>The new Optima PC also features AMD’s Cool ‘n’ Quiet™ technology, which lowers the overall noise, heat and power consumption of the unit.</p>
<p>The WorkPro K8 Series PC comes with a three-year onsite warranty and is currently available from $1,399 inc GST from Optima and its nationwide dealer network.</p>
<p>About AMD</p>
<p>AMD (NYSE:AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory devices and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is dedicated to helping its customers deliver standards-based, customer-focused solutions for technology users, ranging from enterprises and governments to individual consumers. For more information, visit</p>
<p>About Optima Technology Solutions</p>
<p>Founded in 1989 Optima has grown to become Australia's leading manufacturer of notebook and desktop personal computers, and servers. Headquartered in Sydney, with branch offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, Optima is ideally placed by size and strength to promptly supply and actively support customers through a nationwide supply and service network. For more information visit:</p>
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