New drivers released for ATTO Celerity FC Adaptors

New drivers released for ATTO Celerity FC Adaptors

Dexchange Storage Solutions has recently announced the release of new drivers for ATTO Technology's Celerity Fibre Channel host bus adaptors (HBAs).

The new drivers are designed to provide even greater performance for Mac OS, Microsoft WHQL certification, and support for Red Hat Linux Enterprise OS and Kernel 2.6.

The new Mac OS X driver aims to boosts performance by up to 15 percent, providing a real advantage for digital content creation users who routinely depend on transferring very large files.

According to the company, the latest Microsoft WHQL certified driver guarantees interoperability, as well as the smooth installation and use of Celerity HBAs in a Windows environment. Also included is support for two emerging management tools, WMI and FDMI, Dexchange adds.

The Linux driver now fully supports Red Hat Enterprise releases and the 2.6 Kernel, the company continues. This aims to guarantee users the highest levels of performance across the desktop, workstation and large enterprise markets.

The Celerity FC-24XL is said to provide four independent 2Gbps channels and to feature ATTO's Integrated Offload & Processing Centre. The IOPC is designed to provide additional processing and buffering capabilities on the storage adaptor itself, significantly reducing server overhead and providing a platform for additional capabilities, the company adds.

The Celerity FC-22XH is a dual-channel 2Gbps adaptor that features ATTO's unique, integrated, onboard hub design, Dexchange adds. Customers are said to have the option of taking advantage of four external Fibre Channel ports, or using the adaptor as a standard dual-channel product. Users can also take advantage of the extra ports to increase the number of available connections per PCI expansion slot, the company continues. In addition to providing a cost-effective connectivity option, this exclusive technology may eliminate the need for additional Fibre Channel fabric hubs or switches, thus simplifying fabric design and reducing hardware costs, Dexchange says.

The entire line of Celerity adaptors features ATTO's unique Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology which aims to enable users to achieve the ultimate in I/O performance. With a combination of features that provides controlled acceleration of large and small blocks of data, ADS provides faster, smoother and more efficient transfer of data for streaming applications, the company concludes.

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