What's new from: D-Link, Nexon, 3, iBurst

What's new from: D-Link, Nexon, 3, iBurst


D-Link has launched a high-speed router for the SME and SOHO markets. The DSL-1500G G.SHDSL router provides offices and telecommuters the features and speed they need for bandwidth-demanding applications, according to D-Link. It also gave service providers a platform that allowed them to offer high-margin, value-added business services while helping reduce the cost of deployment and services, the company said. The router's embedded G.SHDSL is the latest version of DSL technology. G.SHDSL can support speeds both upstream and downstream of up to 2.3Mbps, compared to 2.0Mbps for SDSL. The DSL-1500G router was ideal for sharing a single G.SHDSL line and a single IP address/ISP account, D-Link said. The router's built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP address for all office users, simplifying the logon operation, the company said. And with a built-in 4-Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch, other LAN resources can be shared among the network users. NAT firewall security is also built-in. The product is distributed in Australia by BJE, Bluechip Infotech, Lan 1, Pacific Datacom, Page Data, Synnex and Tech Pacific.

RRP: $565

Nexon VLAN

Nexon Broadband has rolled out a network-based private IP solution which offers SMEs and small-medium corporates a virtual local area network (VLAN). Nexon's VLAN is a dedicated circuit on its Broadband IP network. It provided a cost-effective and robust platform to merge voice and data infrastructures realising cost and management efficiencies, the company said. Separate from the Internet, a private network means inter-office data was secure. It also meant the performance and cost could be guaranteed, enabling real-time business applications. The network is easily integrated with existing networks with a variety of connectivity options. Visit or call 1300 30 20 for availability.

RRP: Pricing starts from $300 per month for two sites supporting up to 50 users.

NetConnect Card

NetConnect's PCMCIA card provides broadband Internet access in or out of the Office, giving downloads speeds of up to 384kbps in 3's Video Zones. The product offers increased productivity through wireless access to email, Internet and CRM/ERP. The addition of VPN software (for example, Citrix) brings the office to you between meetings, the company said. 3 offers a $99 Mobile Broadband Cap with the option of monthly commitment with included usage or no minimum spend. The product is distributed in Australia by eXeed.

RRP: $588


iBurst's PCMCIA card has a small extending aerial and connects to the iBurst network anywhere within the coverage area. The iBurst service is fully compatible with existing laptops, PDAs and desktop computers. No upgrades or devices are required. Product features include an integrated dipole which includes a connector for optional external high gain antenna; power transmission at 20dBm; frequency bands of 1.9GHz today, customisation to other bands available; a data user rate up to 1061kbps downlink up to 346kbps uplink. The power consumption is 3.3 W maximum. Platforms supported include Windows or Macintosh. Meanwhile, the iBurst Access Bridge provides all the benefits of a fixed broadband connection, plus portability. The product looks similar to a traditional modem, with a connection to mains power, a small extending aerial and both Ethernet and USB ports. Users could move between rooms, houses, businesses or cities, the company said. The access bridge can be connected to a single computer, or attached to a local area network or wireless network for shared access between multiple users. In May 2001, PBA (then called CKW Wireless) paid $9.5 million for spectrum covering 95 per cent of Australia's business population. About 700sq km of Sydney is covered, from Parramatta in the west and Brookvale on the Northern Beaches, throughout the city and south to the airpoirt. Services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra launch in September/October. Eventually, iBurst will be available in Perth, Darwin and other regional centres. The products are distributed in Australia by select channel partners. They include: Fujitsu, OzEmail, SecureTel, United IP, Mobile Broadband, Veritel, Techex Communications, VirTel, Chilli Internet, and T3. Partners have their own interstate networks of resellers.

RRP: Retailers have the flexibility to price and package to suit their customers' needs. Pricing typically applies in three areas: 1. Setup: From $50; 2. Hardware: Fully-owned cards start at $435, and bridges at $449, depending on contract terms. Some suppliers hire the card and bridge without upfront purchase; 3. Service access fees start at $79, relative to length of contract, and data transacted. Excess usage fees vary, depending on the plan $0.07 per Mb.

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