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NetOpt Launches Twin WAN Broadband Routers/VPN Gateways

  • 21 September, 2004 13:30

<p>BRISBANE, Australia, 21 September 2004 - NetOpt has launched XiNCOM Twin WAN Broadband Routers/VPN Gateways. The routers/VPN gateways have two WAN ports that allow you to connect two separate broadband connections of any type, including Cable and/or DSL for ultimate automatic fail-over and load balancing. With cutting edge features like NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP server, and Access Filters makes this a must have for any network.</p>
<p>XiNCOM’s Broadband Products are the highest quality, most durable constructed routers on the market today. We strive to manufacture the latest technology to be compatible with and surpass today’s demanding and ever changing Broadband industry.
The Broadband routers allows for easy setup, configuration, and management through an HTTP Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as remote web management, e-mail Alerts, and SNMP protocol. Additionally the routers can be used within a network with support for Static Routing, RIP-1/RIP-2, and Dynamic Routing. With the addition
of uPnP you will be able to dynamically open and close ports required by certain software automatically. With QoS you will be able to schedule and direct your network traffic to take advantage of your available bandwidth.</p>
<p>The DPG 503/603 is a revolutionary DNS to IP VPN Gateway that provides advanced networking services most commonly found in enterprise class infrastructures at a fraction of the cost. XiNCOM tailors these services with innovative features such as inbound/outbound load balancing, auto-failover, and a built-in VPN endpoint. The DPG 503/603’s primary features are full VPN Aggregation with Automatic Failover and the Authoritative DNS function with Inbound Load Balancing. The VPN capability will allow for two aggregated VPN tunnles to effectively work as single tunnel combining VPN traffic over two broadband connections. Full redundancy is assured when establishing
a VPN tunnel on each WAN port. The authoritative DNS feature load balances inbound traffic requests to the respective IP address on a network infrastructure that hosts content on multiple servers. High throughput of inbound and outbound requests are managed by dual WAN ports that utilize the combined bandwidth of two separate
concurrent broadband connections including DSL and/or Cable.</p>
<p>The routers and VPN gateways provide the best price and performance. The products have features that are commonly found in enterprise routers.</p>
<p>About NetOpt:</p>
<p>Network Optimiser Solutions Pty Limited (NetOpt) is Australian-owned Network Integration company specialising in leading edge Optimisation and Acceleration products and solutions for ICT Infrastructure, including end-to-end Wireless Networking for corporate and government sectors. NetOpt products and solutions optimise the delivery of business-critical applications while significantly reducing costs and increasing agility and quality of service. The company's mission is to help businesses and IT professionals use leading edge technology from NetOpt’s partners to improve the quality of service to clients, lower the cost of ownership, reduce risks and to grow their business. NetOpt's products and solutions are designed to consolidate IT resources while maximising the value of IT investments. More information is available at</p>
<p>Contact: Phone: 07 3303 8536 or Rick Nand -</p>

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