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Offshore Outsourcing Market to Grow 20% Annually Through 2008, Says META Group

  • 07 October, 2004 09:13

<p>· By 2006, Most IT Organizations Will Have an Offshore Strategy
· Offshore Outsourcing Market Exceeds $10 Billion
· Average Enterprise to Offshore 60% of Application Work by 2009
· Political Backlash Toward Offshore Not Deterring Market Adoption</p>
<p>SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 7, 2004) — The offshore outsourcing market will continue to grow nearly 20% annually through 2008, says META Group (Nasdaq: METG), a leading provider of information technology (IT) research, advisory services, and strategic consulting.</p>
<p>In a METAspectrumSM report on the offshore outsourcing market, released today at its Outsourcing 2004 Conference &amp; Technology Showcase in San Francisco, META Group reports that offshore growth will continue to exceed outsourcing generally. By 2005/06, most IT organizations will have an “offshore” strategy, despite current efforts of domestic vendors to position “portfolio optimization” as an alternative global approach.</p>
<p>“Offshore labor is proving to be a disruptive alternative in the outsourcing industry,” said Dean Davison, vice president at META Group. “With global resources costing one-third to one-fifth that of American employees — without accounting for hidden costs — and having higher process discipline, offshore strategies now pervade North American IT organizations.”</p>
<p>Several offshore outsourcing vendors now exceed $1 billion in annual revenue, and the total market is greater than $10 billion.</p>
<p>Immediate market growth remains in application development and maintenance (20%). META Group believes the average enterprise will ultimately outsource 60% of application work offshore (circa 2008/09).</p>
<p>“Offshore outsourcing provides access to worldwide resources otherwise unavailable to most enterprises,” said Davison. “Application development and maintenance constitutes approximately 30% of spending for the average IT organization. Offshore typically reduces that expense by 30%, but introduces additional risks and challenges.”</p>
<p>Packaged application services augmenting vendor skills is growing 30%-40% on a smaller basis. In addition to restructuring around vertical market offerings, leading vendors are developing consulting and strategy services and infrastructure and application services.</p>
<p>META Group also finds that the political backlash toward offshore is not deterring market adoption. Rather, public perception is another item to be managed in the process of moving offshore.</p>
<p>About METAspectrum</p>
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<p>Jessie Shepherd
Markom Marketing
<p>Peter Carr, Vice President, Director Operations
META Group

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