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Dongles, Licenses Go Virtual With Optimiser's Software Management Suite

  • 04 November, 2004 13:10

<p>Real-time Metrics, Secure Channels For Sale, Use of Software Applications</p>
<p>Optimiser - developer of the world's first Authoritative Metadata Engine for next generation eCommerce systems - unveils its suite of Software Zone software management services, following its showcase appearance at Palo Alto's 2004 ANZA Technology Conference. These services are designed to replace dongles and conventional license key-based software distribution applications with real-time contracts, secure Web-based sales channels and metadata for management reporting.</p>
<p>The Software Zone - or SZ - suite provides unparalleled protection of a developer's intellectual property against piracy and unauthorised use, via the compiling of Optimiser's application calls into the vendor's own code. The SZ services are unique as the only software management solutions able to provide live metadata for business reporting on the sale, lease and use of software in real-time.</p>
<p>"Optimiser has taken a defining approach to managing software deployment by creating a dynamic contracting system that does not rely on static license keys for protecting a licensed application," said Paul Williams, Optimiser's Marketing Director. "Instead, both vendor and user are parties to mutually agreed contracts managed by Optimiser's Digital Management service infrastructure - the Authoritative Metadata Engine - over the Web. If you don't have a contract, you can't use the software!</p>
<p>"With global piracy running at thirty six per cent a year, representing a loss of US$29 billion of revenues in 2003, according to the BSA and IDC, it is time for the software industry to discard encryption-based licensing and dongle systems that clearly don't work. Given that piracy rates are also estimated to be on the increase as broadband makes it easier for users to download larger files, the need for proper pro-active management and protection capabilities will only become more acute."</p>
<p>Unlike conventional licensing and dongle systems, Optimiser's SZ suite enables vendors to bill software use by any time period and by any user event, as well as gather metadata for management purposes. This means vendors can properly match, and charge for, the value their software applications when used by customers in particular business scenarios. For example, project management applications could be charged out on a Pay-As-You-Use basis, by the hour or the day, according to data volumes over the life of a user's particular project.</p>
<p>Optimiser's SZ suite is offered at two levels, SZvendor and SZmetrix. Both employ Optimiser's patent pending techniques to provide a secure real-time sales channel that significantly raises the bar against attempts at unauthorised use.</p>
<p>SZvendor echoes traditional sales models so vendors can license software for basic time-based billing to straightforward configurations of single and multi-user groups.</p>
<p>The premium service, SZmetrix, makes full-use of Optimiser's Authoritative Metadata Engine - or AME - capabilities. Vendors can bill for software use on definable application events, such as Print and Save, as well as tailor shared services for sophisticated multi-user scenarios, whether by time, quantity or a mixture of the two.
"Optimiser's unique Web-based solution will give any adopter a distinct competitive advantage, enabling distribution of software through an infinite variety of sales and pricing models that were previously unsupportable," continued Williams. "Moreover, software will no longer be a dumb product that provides little or no data on how it is actually used and, hence, what its actual value is. This is what all modern businesses need, whether they are vendors or users of digital intellectual property."</p>
<p>Optimiser has developed the Digital Management Zone, a platform-independent, Web-based service for enabling, managing, securing and billing application and content sales in real-time. The core of its successful Digital Management solution is its ability to provide metadata and metrics for driving Enterprise and Management Information systems. Optimiser created a unique Authoritative Metadata Engine for the management of intellectual property in the digital environment in accordance of with deliberations of the European Commission's INFO 2000 Programme and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The European Commission's INFO 2000 Programme's indecs Report, June 2000, defined an Authoritative Metadata Framework as necessary for the successful management, protection and trade of digitally-stored intellectual property.</p>
<p>This release can also be seen at</p>
<p>For more information, please contact Optimiser
Paul Williams, Marketing Director
t: +61 (0)8 9446 2099
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