Comsol ServerLink Star

Comsol ServerLink Star


Comsol has released the latest KVM switch in its ServerLink range. The ServerLink Star provides an easy way to share one keyboard, mouse and monitor set between two PCs, allowing a user to alternate between the computers using nothing more than hot-keys, according to the company. There is a total of 2.5m of cable already mounted on the switch to provide for some distance between the PCs. LED lights quickly indicate which machine is currently active in the system. It requires a couple of key strokes to switch from one to the next. KVM is short for keyboard, video, mouse switch, a hardware device that enables a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse to control more than one computer at a time. Popular with users who have upgraded their PC systems and want to still use their old computers but not invest in a second keyboard, monitor and mouse, KVM switches are also used by businesses to save money when one person uses more than one computer and in server ‘farms’ where it is only necessary to periodically access each server one at a time. RRP: $89. Covered by a year’s warranty, the ServerLink Star is currently available from approved computer outlets throughout Australia.

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