What's new from: Iomega, StorageTek, HP, Quantum, Sun, Comsol

What's new from: Iomega, StorageTek, HP, Quantum, Sun, Comsol

Iomega Super DVD QuickTouch Video Burner 8x USB 2.0

Iomega has released a DVD video burner that delivers video duplication to DVD/CD right out of the box. Featuring an integrated video capture card, it reads and writes all DVD and CD formats, including DVD+RW (8x4x12x), DVD-RW (4x2x12x), DVD-RAM (3x), and CD-RW (24x16x32x). Included is Iomega HotBurn Pro software for CD burning, Sonic MyDVD and Cineplayer for video editing, authoring and playback, and Iomega Automatic Backup for free backups. A DVD wizard lets users select the right software and type of disc. The company is also offering Rev 35GB/90GB, a removable hard disc tape that backs up the system, performs instant disaster recovery and provides low-cost portable storage, according to the company. Rev was ideal for small businesses and SOHO users who needed a fast and reliable backup system, for desktop users looking for a high-capacity and versatile backup solution, and for vertical markets that needed high capacity data transfers, data isolation and record/retention archiving, the company said.

RRP: QuickTouch costs $599; Rev costs $699 (comes with one cartridge, which typically costs $99 each). The products are distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific, Ingram Micro and Lan1.

StorageTek streamline SL8500

StorageTek has released the StreamLine SL8500 Modular Library System. The first offering in StorageTek’s line of enterprise information lifecycle management solutions, the SL8500 offers consolidation capabilities, high availability, performance and scalability, while minimising the footprint in the data centre, according to the company. The modular library system scales from 1448 to more than 300,000 cartridge slots in an ultra-dense footprint. Its high-performance robotics and hot-swappable, fully redundant components support maximum data accessibility and the ability to keep pace with unpredictable peak workloads, accommodating future demands for higher throughput and overall data growth, the company said.

RRP: From $366,000. The product is distributed in Australia by ACA Pacific.

HP StorageWorks DAT 72

The HP StorageWorks DAT 72 tape drive is suited for small and medium businesses, remote offices and workgroups. The drives, based on Digital Data Storage (DDS) format, are the fifth generation of HP’s DDS tape drive line. The DAT 72 delivers a capacity of 72GB on a single data cartridge and a transfer rate of 21.6GB per hour. It also features an automatic head cleaner which minimises the need for manually cleaning a cartridge. The unit also features the lowest media price of any tape technology, which reduces the overall cost of ownership, according to the company. There is a wide range of models available ranging from internal to external, hot-plug offline-hot swap array module to rack-mounted configurations, providing a suitable option for any server. RRP: The HP StorageWorks DAT 72 tape drive retails for $1583 (for the internal drive). The product is distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific, Ingram Micro, Avnet, Lynx and Dicker Data.

Quantum DX100

Quantum’s DX100 disk-based backup addresses the most significant backup challenges facing IT professionals: meeting short backup windows, ensuring that backups are complete, and the ability to quickly restore data when needed, according to the company. The DX100 enhances an existing tape backup system by separating the backup target from the backup archive. After installing a DX100, backup jobs are sent directly to the DX100 (the backup target) with throughput up to 2TB per hour. By emulating a tape library, the DX100 integrates into existing backup architectures without any changes to existing processes. The DX100 complements existing tape libraries (the backup archive) by allowing them to focus on archive operations for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. Key features include: up to 2TB per hour to meet short backup windows and provide quick restores; the ability to restore files 5 to 10 times faster than a conventional tape library; eight 2GB Fibre Channel host interface ports; the fact that it emulates a tape library which is easy to use and requires no changes to existing backup processes or architecture; it is supported by every major backup software vendor and reserves investment in backup software. RRP: The DX100 starts at $133,000 for 8TB storage raw, full redundancy and power sequencing. The product is distributed in Australia by Express Data, ACA Pacific and Digital Tape Solutions.

Sun StorEdge 3511

The new Sun StorEdge 3511 is the latest addition to the StorEdge 3500 enterprise class of fibre channel arrays and builds on the value proposition of the popular StorEdge 3510. It is designed to provide low cost, high capacity near-line or secondary storage for data reference and data archival applications, according to the company. The StorEdge 3511 was ideally equipped to meet the growing need for data lifecycle management (DLM) computing environments that required large, affordable storage capacity without the heavy duty cycle traditionally associated with Fibre channel disk drive technologies, the company said. The Sun StorEdge 3511 FC Array with SATA is based on Serial ATA drive and Fibre channel hardware RAID technology and its design scales up to 18TB of raw storage capacity. It offers 16 FC ports to connect up to 12 servers, or six servers in a redundant configuration, eliminating the need for external edge switches and, therefore, reducing management overheads.

RRP: Starting price $25,000. The Sun StorEdge 3511 is distributed by Alstom IT.

Comsol Minidrive

In August, Comsol will launch a minidrive that will give users 2.2GB of storage in a portable and compact unit. Its USB compatibility meant that it required no additional power source and would operate in Windows ME/200/XP and Mac without drivers, the company said. It also catered for the storage of large files such as MP3 and MPEG, the traditional memory eaters. The Minidrive also comes with an instant auto ZIP function that compresses files to save disk space. Technical specifications include: USB 2.0 plug and play interface for fast data transfer; password function for security protection of data; email function stores mail settings for portability; auto Zip function compresses files; PC Lock function prevents unauthorised access; compact, lightweight, no external power needed; compliance with USB version 2.0 and 1.1; fast 4200-RPM operation and power-saving mode; embedded 1-inch hard-disk drive. The product is distributed in Australia by Comsol.

RRP: $449

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