TwinHan VisionPlus tuners

TwinHan VisionPlus tuners

The latest range of VisionPlus digital, satellite and cable TV tuners for the desktop and notebook has arrived in Australia. VisionPlus digital TV tuners allow you to receive broadcast free-to-air digital television on your PC. There are three products that make up the range and all three can receive standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) TV. The VisionDTV Terr is an internal PCI card solution suited for desktop PCs and receives free-to-air digital TV broadcast through a terrestrial (normal RF TV antenna) cable. The VisionDTV Sat is an internal PCI card solution suited for desktop PC users that receives free-to-air broadcast TV via satellite. The VisionDTV USB, due to arrive in Australia next month, is a portable, external USB box solution suited for notebook PC users that allows for terrestrial free-to-air digital TV reception. The USB DTV tuner box draws power from the USB bus, therefore it does not require an external power supply. The range is distributed in Australia by Lako Pacific. RRP: DTV Ter — $199; DTV Sat — $149; DTV USB — $269

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