Startup takes snapshot of Oracle

Startup takes snapshot of Oracle

3PARdata's 3PAR, a startup that makes a storage server for utility data centers, Tuesday introduced snapshot copy capability for Oracle 9i/Linux environments and server provisioning.

The 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA for Linux allows for the rapid recovery of Oracle databases running on Linux. It also allows easy, on-demand provisioning of Linux servers from the 3PAR InServ Storage Server.

The 3PAR Virtual Copy DBA software, which resides on the InServ Storage Server, lets users take non-disruptive snapshots of Oracle data sets at dozens of points in time. The data sets can then be recovered without extended log playback. They consume raw capacity only for changed data.

Using the InServ Storage Server, customers can store an image of a Linux server, including operating system and applications. When additional servers need to be added to the network, users can commission them with a Virtual Copy of the appropriate image.

3PAR's storage has been tested with both Red Hat and SuSE Linux.

The 3PAR Virtual DBA for Linux starts at US$20,000.

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