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Have you ever lost your mobile phone, keys or laptop? Postbak® helps get lost valuables back

  • 22 April, 2004 06:00

<p>Have you ever lost your mobile phone, keys or laptop? Postbak® helps get lost valuables back</p>
<p>Australia’s new innovative lost and found service launches to protect your valuables from getting permanently lost</p>
<p>(Sydney, Australia – April 22, 2004) – Postbak, Australia’s national innovative lost and found service that combines permanent identification labels and a Web-based registration process, has launched to protect your valuables -- such as mobile phones, keys, PDAs, laptops and digital cameras -- from getting permanently lost when left behind.</p>
<p>"We've all had that sense of panic when we realise we've lost something," said Russ Supplee, director and co-founder of Postbak. “All we can think about are the huge hassles involved in having it replaced or, if we're lucky, returned."</p>
<p>Postbak is Australia’s first innovative, high-tech approach to solving the age-old problem of lost and found. Postbak is simple: When something disappears, the label tells the finder how to return it and get a reward, too.</p>
<p>"People want to do the right thing and return lost items, but it needs to be reasonably convenient for them," said Supplee. “The NRMA responds to 500 calls per day in NSW and ACT to unlock cars where people have lost their keys. Telstra Stadium maintenance workers turn in an average of 70 mobile phones per event and Sydney Ferries collects up to 150 items per day. They are inundated with lost items, including wallets, keys, mobile phones, cameras and briefcases.”</p>
<p>NSW State Rail recovers over 80,000 items each year and manages to return just 12%. Identification of these items would increase the likelihood of return tenfold, according to NSW State Rail estimates.</p>
<p>Postbak labels are easy to buy and use. They can be purchased online at or by contacting Postbak on 1800 893 383. A Return I.T. Pak of six labels and tags is just $39.00. Each label has a unique identification number, and when registered, is linked to your name. This keeps your contact information private and makes it easy to update. Postbak users pay a service fee of $25.00 to have an item returned, plus shipping and handling.</p>
<p>"People who register with Postbak have the option of offering a cash reward for the return of their items," Supplee notes. "Postbak also gives finders a free Return I.T. Pak containing six labels and tags for being a Good Samaritan.”</p>
<p>When finders report lost items, Postbak dispatches a Post Messenger courier to pick up the item and return it to the owner. There is no cost to the finder of the lost item.</p>
<p>Postbak works no matter what items you lose or where you lose them. Sunglasses, luggage, skis, GameBoys, digital cameras or tools -- all of these can be easily protected and returned. "It's all about making it easy and convenient for people to do the right thing," said Supplee.</p>
<p>Russell Supplee, Director and Co-founder of Postbak is available for media interviews.</p>
<p>About Postbak Pty Ltd
Postbak is Australia’s national innovative lost and found service. The company’s unique ID labels and recovery process make it easy for Good Samaritans, lost &amp; found departments and police departments to return lost or stolen items. Postbak distributes products through a variety of manufacturers and retailers. For more information visit us at

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