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Can you read Russian?

  • 22 April, 2004 11:23

<p>Good morning editors</p>
<p>Heard (and then saw) something weird yesterday. As you know Imation has just launched its new Disc Stakka; at this stage only in Australia, NZ and Japan. A diligent employee surfing the web found the product for sale in ... Russia!</p>
<p>The web site is at</p>
<p>Someone on a Mac here managed to translate it literally into English (see below).</p>
<p>Some interesting conversions arose:</p>
<p>"clever case" for the unit</p>
<p>power described as "nourishment"</p>
<p>Another good one is "it will put out to its user". We may have a whole new addressable market opportunity here!</p>
<p>The interesting solution for storing the large number of disks presented company Imation. The new device of its production, named Disc Stakka, is "clever case", capable stored in itself to 100 CD or DVD disks and that allowing organized among them convenient search and extraction. Device has small sizes - 340 mm width, 172 mm height, 350 mm depth, it is weighed 1.8 kg (without the disks) and it is equipped with the system of automatic priyema/vydachi of disks.</p>
<p>Disc Stakka - in this small box are located 100 disks</p>
<p>The schematic of the work of device sufficiently simple: for the beginning necessarily established the special software of Opditracker and connected Disc Stakka to the computer (connection between the device and the computer it is achieved on interface USB).
After this, the process of the sending of disk to the storage appears as follows: first, the neobkhodimyy disk is put in CD or DVD the drive of computer and in program Opditracker it is started the function of the recording onto the base - it is recorded the heading of disk and file structure; then it remains it only devised to disk name, took out it from the drive of computer and placed in Disc Stakka. Device automatically svyazhet the disk with the introduced information accepted. So that would be obtained its disk it would conversely sufficiently simply select it from base Opditracker it would neglect the function of extraction - after only the pair of seconds Disc Stakka naydet necessary disk and it will put out to its user. Basic convenience consists in the possibility it looked on the names of files and in it examined the structures of disk to its extraction - all this is executed without any manipulations with disks themselves - according to the information, which is stored in the base of program Opditracker.</p>
<p>Is possible combining to five devices Disc Stakka into one "tower" which increases the capacity of the khranimykh disks to 500 pieces. Is sufficiently convenient the fact that for nourishment Disc Stakka is necessary only the connection to USB to the port of computer. The beginning of sales of this device in Japan is planned on 21 April on the price of approximately 20 thousand yen (approximately $185).</p>

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