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Australia's Integrated Research wins Hungarian ATM service provider

  • 21 April, 2004 12:39

<p>Hungarian ATM service provider calls on PROGNOSIS for card clearance</p>
<p>Sydney – April 21, 2004 – Giro Bankcard (GBC), the Hungarian-based ATM and Point of Sale (POS) transaction clearance company, has purchased PROGNOSIS systems management software to maintain the performance of its HP NonStop operational systems.</p>
<p>Majority owned by two of Hungary’s largest banks, K&amp;H Bank and HVB Bank, GBC was initially created in 1992 as an independent authorisation and switching centre that enables the mutual acceptance and clearing of bankcards issued by different financial institutions.</p>
<p>GBC has based its IT infrastructure, which was designed to handle several million ATM and POS transactions monthly, on ACI’s BASE24 software running on the high-availability HP NonStop platform.</p>
<p>“PROGNOSIS gives us the added flexibility of being able to monitor both BASE24 calls and NonStop system metrics from the same window, giving us a dashboard view of the environment unlike any other product we’ve tested,” says GBC IT manager Zsolt Zala.</p>
<p>“Our systems process in excess of two million POS transactions monthly, and we project POS volumes to exceed ATM transaction volumes by midyear,” says Zala. “We also have different customers with different transaction volumes and business requirements, so the flexibility of the system was key.”</p>
<p>Zala says GBC issued a tender for an integrated management and monitoring tool to work across BASE24 and HP NonStop, specifically providing the real-time transaction monitoring needed to keep abreast of any problems with the high-volume service delivery systems.</p>
<p>“Every second our systems are offline or slow down for any reason severely compromises the level of service we’re able to give our customers. With a real-time management tool like PROGNOSIS we can see at a glance where any problems have occurred, drill-down to the root cause of the problem, and fix it before it can affect our customers.”</p>
<p>GBC was previously using an in-house-developed application to monitor its systems, but this had very limited functionality and couldn’t provide the real-time, drill-down features that PROGNOSIS offered.</p>
<p>“Our own application was essentially an event management tool, similar to most system “monitoring” tools out there. It gave us no NonStop monitoring options and no real-time transaction management,” says Zala.</p>
<p>“PROGNOSIS is an ideal product for technical and business monitoring on the HP NonStop/BASE24 environment. It helps us raise service levels and availability in a business-critical environment, and to improve customer satisfaction using Web-based technology to deliver real value to end-users. It doesn’t only give us peace of mind when we go home at night, but helps to boost our reputation as well.”</p>
<p>About Integrated Research Ltd
Established in 1988, Integrated Research ( is a publicly listed company (ASX:IRI) with sales and support offices in the USA, Europe and Australia. Integrated Research develops PROGNOSIS cross-platform systems management software for high availability, business-critical environments. PROGNOSIS is available on the Windows, UNIX, Linux and HP NonStop™ platforms.
Whenever you use an ATM, download email, trade stocks, make a phone call, watch cable TV or shop at a large retail outlet, chances are that you’re benefiting from PROGNOSIS. The world's largest bank, telecommunications company, stock exchange, computer hardware manufacturer and Internet service provider all rely on PROGNOSIS, as do blue-chip customers in 47 countries.</p>
<p>For more infomation contact:
Guy Lerner
Integrated Research
+61 2 9966 1066</p>
<p>Claire Hosegood
+61 2 9976 6611</p>

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