Palm cuts prices on three handhelds

Palm cuts prices on three handhelds

Palm's Palm Solutions Group has cut the price on three of its most popular handheld computers last week.

Palm slashed the price on its flagship Tungsten T handheld by 20 per cent to US$399, dropped the suggested selling price of its Palm m130 handheld to $US199 and trimmed the price of the m515 by 14 per cent to $US299.

ARS analyst, Sam Bhavnani, asaid the price cuts were "normal and cyclical" adjustments as Palm got ready for the introduction of new models. This should happen within the next week. The new pricing also brought Palm's products more in line with low-priced hardware running the Pocket PC operating system from Microsoft, he said.

Elswhere, Hewlett-Packard slashed prices on its Pocket PCs that sold for more than $US700 a year ago. HP now offers an entry-level model priced at $299.

Dell Computer sells a Pocket PC-based device for $249.

Bhavnani said there was no comparison between the Tungsten T and the Dell Pocket PC. The Tungsten T was a sleek, lightweight system with built-in Bluetooth wireless capabilities, whereas Dell's Pocket PC was a "brick" with no built-in wireless functionality.

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