Love me, love my mobile

Love me, love my mobile


The mobile phone has done more than change the way we communicate. According to a mobile lifestyle survey by Siemens, it has also affected the way we live, and love.

About 39 per cent of Australian respondents said they would rather be without their computer than their mobile phone and a quarter of us apparently use our mobile to schedule all of our social engagements. Twenty per cent of users admitted to checking their mobile if they haven’t received a call or text for a while, and almost half would go back home to get their mobile if they forget it.

But our mobile-mania doesn’t stop there. A surprising 27 per cent of Aussie males call or text their loved ones up to several times a day. Ten per cent of these modern-day Lotharios also like to talk dirty on their mobile, and the same number recommend sending “for your eyes only” MMS pictures for spicing up the old love life. Best keep that handset away from mum, then.

Three per cent of respondents further embarrassed themselves by admitting that they would deliberately call the wrong number on the off chance that they might meet somebody.

Despite all this, 57 per cent of Australians admit that the increased usage of mobile phones has made society less courteous and considerate.

But the next time you’re stuck next to someone who is happily discussing their bowel problems over their phone at 20 decibels, remember that 20 per cent of males and 14 per cent of females are merely too engrossed to notice that a whole busload of people are listening. All they need is a gentle reminder.

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