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Define, Test And Automate Complex Text Transformations Without Programming

  • 08 April, 2004 12:36

<p>Melbourne, Australia – April 8, 2004 - Crystal Software announces TextPipe Pro 6.8, its enhanced industrial strength text conversion, transformation and data mining workbench.</p>
<p>TextPipe can convert, transform, fix and data mine just about anything you care to throw at it - structured and unstructured reports, comma-delimited, tab-delimited and fixed-position data, HTML and XML, research data, spooled print files and text files of any size and dimension.</p>
<p>TextPipe eliminates the need to code new solutions each time. It is far easier to use than perl and other more obtuse scripting languages, and it offers a visual development environment and an interactive test facility.</p>
<p>TextPipe is used extensively by mail houses, publishers, banks, government agencies at all levels, manufacturers, telcos, universities, law courts, systems integrators, database consultants and IT consultants - anyone that deals with large volumes of text.</p>
<p>Conversions include Unicode to/from over 150 encodings; between ASCII and EBCDIC; Unix, Macintosh, Mainframe and PC end-of-line formatting; and more. Custom conversions are simple with TextPipe's scripting filter.</p>
<p>For unmatched speed, a single pass is used even for multiple operations. TextPipe comes with over 100 inbuilt filters, and a library of over 200 filters for specific tasks.</p>
<p>Operations can be restricted to line ranges, column ranges, CSV and Tab field ranges, lines matching a pattern, inside HTML and XML tags and attributes and combinations of these.
TextPipe can be scheduled, or scripted from your favourite programming language.</p>
<p>TextPipe Pro pricing starts at AUD 370. A free evaluation can be downloaded from the company's website. Also available: A home user's Web Edition (AUD 50), an intermediate Standard Edition (AUD 130), a consultant's Run Time Edition (editing disabled, AUD 200), and an application programmer's TextPipe Engine (AUD 660).</p>
<p>TextPipe requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 and 16MB of memory. The download file is 3.7MB. Installation requires 4MB.</p>
<p>Founded in 1990, Crystal Software has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and has over 2000 customers in 62 countries. Its charter is to provide IT professionals with time saving data analysis tools. In addition to TextPipe, Crystal Software offers:
• DataPipe, a utility that makes it easy to search and replace information in live databases;
• WordPipe, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple Word documents in a single operation;
• ExcelPipe, an application that lets you search and replace multiple phrases across multiple Excel spreadsheets in a single operation;
• ResumePipe; a utility that saves Human Resources professionals' time and money while processing applicants' resumes;
• DetachPipe, a program to detach, delete and compress attachments from large email accounts, while maintaining a clickable link to the documents;
• and other productivity software for Windows.</p>
<p>Editors: Review copies are available on request.
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