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Genesys Introduces Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition

  • 31 March, 2004 09:39

<p>Please find information below on Genesys’ new suite for speech recognition developers - Voice Platform: Developer Edition. The suite is a stand-alone, comprehensive development system for building VoiceXML 2.0-based applications, allowing developers to quickly and easily create applications and test integrations with back-end systems such as databases, mainframes and other applications including ERP, CRM and salesforce automation.</p>
<p>The platform integrates with the full suite of Genesys solutions.</p>
<p>For further information please contact Caroline Hendra or Jessica Sealby at Howorth Communications on +61 2 9904 4533 or</p>
<p>Genesys Introduces Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition</p>
<p>Solution Enables Developers to Quickly and Easily Build VoiceXML 2.0-based Applications</p>
<p>SYDNEY – March 31, 2004 – Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel, today announced the availability of Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition (“Developer Edition”), a stand-alone, comprehensive development system for building VoiceXML 2.0-based applications. Genesys Voice Platform delivers enhanced self-service applications that provide instantaneous, anytime access to Web-based information using natural voice commands. The Developer Edition extends Genesys’ leadership in voice self-service, accelerating time to market and reducing the risk and cost for developers building applications for the growing number of companies using VoiceXML based platforms for their self-service solutions.</p>
<p>Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition provides all the components necessary to build and test voice-based applications, including standards-based speech recognition and text-to-speech software, dialog modules and tuning tools from ScanSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSFT). Now, developers can easily and quickly create applications and test integrations with back-end systems such as databases, mainframes and other applications including enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and salesforce automation. Through a safe and controlled application development environment behind their enterprise firewall, developers can better adhere to predictable project schedules. Moreover, Developer Edition enables Genesys customers and partners alike to avoid using expensive production ports, thus greatly minimising development infrastructure costs.</p>
<p>“Genesys has a history of encouraging development and innovation through its open architecture, platform and hardware agnosticism and broad standards support,” said Rick DeGolia, Apptera chairman and chief strategy officer. “With the Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition, Apptera and other voice applications developers are extending that philosophy—offering an ideal environment for building robust applications that easily integrate with the full suite of Genesys solutions.”</p>
<p>After building an application, developers can deploy the code in any HTTP-compliant Web server and provision the application using the Voice Platform Manager. Once provisioned, the application can be tested using any SIP softphone to call the application. In addition, the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Simulator in the Developer Edition enables the simulation of CTI interactions, such as the passing of attached data and transferring the call to an agent.</p>
<p>Other benefits of Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition, include:</p>
<p>· Minimal hardware requirements – no special hardware requirements other than a typical developer workstation. The software installs in less than an hour and there is no requirement for expensive telephony cards, switch connectivity equipment or high-end server-class hardware for development purposes.</p>
<p>· Complete speech processing capabilities – provides speech-processing capabilities through a VoiceXML browser, SIP interface, speech and text-to-speech integrations. The product enables developers to simulate user interactions on their developer workstations, before deploying their applications for quality assurance and production deployment.</p>
<p>· Advanced call control functionality – empowers companies to manage the set-up, monitoring and transfer or tear-down of calls using Web standards instead of proprietary technologies, thereby enabling enterprises to more freely integrate across disparate applications and infrastructure.</p>
<p>· Seamless Genesys suite integration – enables seamless self- and assisted service integration leveraging the full suite of Genesys call center solutions, so companies can easily extend their customer service capabilities from automated to agent-supported transactions.</p>
<p>“Genesys is committed to supporting the robust ecosystem of application developers that use our Voice Platform to expand the possibilities for great customer service solutions,” said James Brooks, vice president, South East Asia, Pacific and India, Genesys Laboratories, “Genesys Voice Platform: Developer Edition positively addresses both the cost and risk that go into application development, creating a safe and intuitive environment for taking advantage of the latest developments in speech-based self-service technologies.”</p>
<p>About Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.</p>
<p>Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcatel, is 100% focused on software for call centres. Genesys recognises that better interactions drive better business and build company reputations. Customer service solutions from Genesys deliver on this promise for Global 2000 enterprises, government organisations and telecommunications service providers across 80 countries, directing more than 100 million customer interactions every day. Sophisticated routing and reporting across voice, e-mail and Web channels ensure that customers are quickly connected to the best available resource - the first time. Genesys offers solutions for customer service, help desks, order desks, collections, outbound telesales and service, and workforce management. Visit for more information.</p>
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