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Embarcadero ER/Studio® 6.5 Delivers Enterprise Metadata Analysis and Management, Business Intelligence Modeling

  • 10 May, 2004 11:23

<p>Embarcadero’s Model-Driven Data Solutions Help Companies More Effectively Store, Integrate and Utilize Their Corporate Data Assets</p>
<p>Melbourne, Australia – May 10, 2004 - Furthering the company’s commitment to solving enterprise data management problems through the use of model-driven technology, Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBT), a provider of data lifecycle management solutions, today announced the availability of ER/Studio® 6.5 and ER/Studio Repository 3.0. This major release of the product line provides a new and progressive feature set focused on enterprise metadata and dimensional modeling analysis, design and management. With ER/Studio 6.5 and ER/Studio Repository 3.0, companies can optimize investments made in their IT infrastructures, improve staff productivity, and through advanced metadata exchange capabilities, leverage models for data integration, business intelligence, and reporting applications.</p>
<p>“With the explosion of corporate data and its ever-increasing complexity, ensuring data consistency and reuse in the design phase is paramount in formulating a standardized enterprise data management practice," said Stu Carty, founder and principal, Gavilan Research Associates. “Embarcadero’s emphasis on solving data management problems through effective model-driven approaches allows organizations to reduce the time between conception and implementation of their enterprise applications.”</p>
<p>Embarcadero ER/Studio and its collaborative server ER/Studio Repository provide data architects, database administrators and developers a powerful, multi-level data modeling application for logical enterprise data analysis and physical database design and construction. Over 50 powerful new and unique features have been built into ER/Studio 6.5 and ER/Studio Repository 3.0. These features support three key advances in the product offering:</p>
<p>? comprehensive business intelligence/dimensional modeling support
? simplified enterprise metadata analysis and management support
? significant model-driven database performance tuning assistance</p>
<p>“ER/Studio makes it easier to understand the current state of data throughout our organization," said John Prout, senior Oracle DBA, Ambassadors, a leading provider of event portfolio management solutions. “ER/Studio 6.5 represents a significant value-add in how we see and leverage our data models by giving us much greater interplay between our business intelligence applications, metadata repositories, and other major ETL environments.”</p>
<p>“Survey any of the nearly 11,000 companies that use our products and they’ll tell you the problem isn’t data collection, it’s the ability – or inability – to harness its growth to make their data work for them,” said Greg Keller, director of enterprise modeling solutions, Embarcadero Technologies. “ER/Studio 6.5 helps our customers simplify the documentation and communication of the baseline state of their data to leverage it for critical application development, integration, and reporting needs. More importantly, it enables them to look down the road for what their corporate data ‘should be’ across the data lifecycle to ensure it is more effectively managed and utilized as their business grows.”</p>
<p>Highlighted new product features and capabilities include:</p>
<p>* With bi-directional import and export interfaces to environments such as Business Objects, IBM DB2 Cube Views and others, metadata importation, visualization, standardization and exportation are now simplified through ER/Studio’s “MetaWizard.”
* Identification and traceability of data used across disparate systems in the enterprise is simplified through ER/Studio’s unique “Where Used” implementation.
* Dimensional modeling design and communication used in the creation and population of OLAP systems, data warehouses and data marts is simplified with ER/Studio’s new Dimensional Modeling environment.
* Database performance tuning, through an array of denormalization assistance wizards, now make the chore of optimizing database design simplified and efficient while ensuring these changes do not lose their critical ties to business data entities.
* ER/Studio Repository introduces new project management and collaboration tools to ensure the simplified creation of Repository-based diagrams and team-based collaboration projects to ensure all are using the same set of re-useable components.</p>
<p>About Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMBT) is a provider of data lifecycle management solutions that help leading companies build, optimize, test, and manage their critical data, database, and application infrastructure. Nearly 11,000 companies, including 97 of the Fortune 100, rely on Embarcadero Technologies products to manage the explosive growth in data and ensure optimal performance of their complex, multi-platform applications and systems. Embarcadero Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Embarcadero Australia employs 6 staff in the Australia/New Zealand region and continues to develop and launch products into the Asian markets through both direct sales and a rapidly expanding reseller channel. For further information call +61 3 9510 0106 or visit</p>
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