FiberLogics OptiQroute

FiberLogics OptiQroute

Aimed at SMEs, Fiberlogic’s OptiQroute series of Multi-Homed WAN routers combine four to eight Internet connections in one aggregated pipe that is presented to a business’ existing firewall. This frees companies from the complexities of managing separate routers and firewalls around each Internet connection. The OptiQroute series distributes both inbound and outbound traffic depending on the status of the Internet connection. This allows SMEs with multiple ISPs to achieve guaranteed Internet connectivity by eliminating unexpected disconnections. The OptiQroute products also route different protocols in different directions, allowing business-critical functions to be sent down the primary high-speed link, while less important traffic is directed down a DSL line. They are distributed in Australia exclusively by Firewall Systems. RRP: Eight-port — $9995; four-port — $5331

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