Centennial launches into Australia

Centennial launches into Australia

Global software developer, Centennial, has emerged into the Australian market offering asset management services that it hopes will clear any confusion clients may have over software licensing.

The company is adamant the channel can capitalise on the opportunity by selling software that helps companies make sense of their software licensing requirements.

Channel Manager of Centennial Australasia, Phil Hare, said that companies around the world were beginning to take the issue of software licensing seriously.

“Making sense of software assets is a daunting task,” he said. “Prosperous economic conditions have tempted many companies into premature expansion of their systems, after which, inevitable periods of slowdown have taken their toll.”

According to Centennial, large companies such as Microsoft, and organisations such as the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA), have clamped down severely on the issue of software licensing infringements and are publicly naming, shaming and fining companies that are found to be non-compliant.

Hare said the increased visibility of software organisations such as FAST meant IT directors were now under pressure to demonstrate legal compliance for all their software assets.

“Centennial provides asset management software that helps companies do just this,” he said. “Providing the tools that empower companies to stay abreast of constantly changing licensing models is just the beginning.

“Centennial partners and their customers throughout Europe, the US and Australasia are using asset management software to much greater effect.”

Hare noted that IT departments across the globe were actively seeking versatile software that could provide them with a unified and clear picture of their IT software and hardware assets, not just licenses.

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