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  • 24 March, 2004 11:42

<p>SIMmersion Pty Limited, a local Canberra company, will launch their SIMmersion World Simulator n 25 Marchry 2004 .</p>
<p>Major urban planning decisions are often based on educated guesswork without a thorough understanding of all the real world visual perspectives! With SIMmersion’s 3D World Simulator software they no longer need to be.</p>
<p>The SIMmersion 3D World Simulator is a suite of software (consisting of a Toolset application and a Run Time application) designed for 3D visualization and real time interaction with any real world built environment. The Toolset creates detailed “on screen” built environments of rural and urban areas including simulated shadows, traffic flows and sight lines from specific vantage points. The Run Time application displays the built environment created with the Toolset.</p>
<p>Real life “fly through“ capabilities allow for “what if” analyses of potential outcomes to be conducted in a matter of minutes as opposed to days or weeks. The detail, comprehensiveness of content and contextual accuracy that can be achieved through the 3D World Simulator stretches the possibilities of 3D visualization beyond the current capabilities of CAD software - into a new dimension. The precision with which this software can replicate the complete reality of an existing landscape is about to make a significant impact on the future of sustainable urban development.</p>
<p>For further information contact: Bob Quodling, Business Development Manager Ph: 0414 365 657 or 6161 5657 email:</p>

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