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Bandwidth Bandits - How much are they costing you?

  • 24 March, 2004 15:51

<p>Bandwidth Bandits – How much are they costing you?</p>
<p>Marketing Spy Ware products are most likely stealing between 5-20% of your bandwidth without you even knowing it’s there. What is worse is that you are paying for these companies to collect, or steal, marketing information from within your private organisation, without your permission. For large corporations that spells big money.</p>
<p>Questionable marketing practices are coming to light with this new invasive, expensive and commercial form of Big Brother.</p>
<p>The Internet has opened channels for marketing as well as information. Direct E-mail offers, pop ups and banners have become an accepted part of being connected. One of the lesser known methods is Spy Ware.</p>
<p>Marketing Spy Ware involves a small software program that is automatically and silently downloaded to the surfer’s computer while they browse. The marketing companies involved approach large corporations with tempting offers of market information from analysing and tracking website activity. They supply a program to be attached to the corporation’s website. When someone views the website, the program downloads itself onto their computer. From that point on, the program silently transfers information about the surfing habits of that person back to the marketing companies home bases. That valuable marketing information is then sold back to the corporation and others.</p>
<p>The problem is the user doesn’t know their movements are being tracked. The larger problem is the software consumes bandwidth – bandwidth that is being paid for by the corporation, not the marketing company. So without your permission, not only are you being watched, you’re paying for the privilege.</p>
<p>David Wigley, Managing Director at ContentKeeper Technologies said “these days, almost every corporation we visit has most of it’s PCs running some version of this Marketing Spy Ware. It can consume anywhere from 5-20% of your bandwidth or more That’s a lot of money for something you usually do not want and certainly have not given permission for it to be running on your LAN. ContentKeeper instantly identifies and can effectively block these types of programs; that’s something we’re really proud of. We have deployed ContentKeeper systems in many large corporate and federal government networks which are now safe from this menace.”</p>
<p>About ContentKeeper Technologies
ContentKeeper Technologies Pty Ltd commenced software development in 1998 with its flagship Web filtering product (referred to as ContentKeeper Web). ContentKeeper was officially released at CeBIT in Hanover in March 2002 – an event providing the perfect platform for global introduction. The same year, ContentKeeper won 'Best Enterprise Software' at the Networld+Interop Exhibition. ContentKeeper now has offices in both London and Bangkok.</p>

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