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The Name's Bond, James Bond...Spy Movie Gadgets Become A Reality

  • 23 August, 2004 12:00

<p>With the current talk about who is to become the next James Bond (the latest news is that it will be Eric Bana, known for playing violent Chopper Read and the Hulk, not quite an English sophisticate…) what is even more interesting is the fact that movie fantasy is becoming a reality.</p>
<p>Iris and biometric technology is here. Already on an international front, the need for more effective, secure and safe security options is paramount. US plans to create a centralised passport photo database are underway. And Australia is following the trend to create a similar national face recognition database linking driving licenses and passports.</p>
<p>However, according to Australian based identity security experts Argus Solutions, such systems are flawed as they rely upon confirming that one photo corresponds with another and not their actual identity. “We have seen situations where two people, not related but of the same nationality swapped passports and passed though both the normal visual checkouts and facial recognition systems without being caught” said Bruce Lyman CEO Argus Solutions. Furthermore, US sources have already confirmed that such technology discriminates against those who may be disabled or facially disfigured.</p>
<p>Within NSW, trials of biometric identity checking systems are underway. Argus’ iris recognition technology is being deployed in conjunction with NSW drivers’ licenses to uncover and prevent fraudulent or multiple identities within the Australian insurance industry.</p>
<p>“We believe that this is by far the most secure system to prevent identity fraud. From current installations on a daily basis we are seeing a significant number of people using a NSW drivers license to harbor multiple and fraudulent identities” said Lyman.</p>
<p>Iris technology has been shown to be the most effective security method against identity fraud. It is the most accurate form of identification known to man and is more accurate and importantly less invasive than DNA matching. Every iris is completely unique due to the chaotic morphogenesis process that is completed by the time a child reaches their first birthday so the probability of two irises being identical is minute, 1 in 10 to the power of 78 in fact.</p>
<p>Not even a big night of martini gulping (shaken not stirred) and morning hangover eyes can stop this technology from working accurately! Unlike retinal scanning where a light is beamed into your eyes, iris recognition relies on a simple safe black and white video image of the iris. The image is then converted to an encrypted 512 byte code. On subsequent identifications, the user's iris code is again captured and matched to the database and this whole process is accomplished in under two seconds. This means that no image record is kept, eradicating the possibility of fraudulent replication.</p>
<p>The applications of iris technology, other than James Bond escape type scenarios, are broad. In Australia iris solutions have been implemented in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, NRMA, Silverwater Correctional Facility, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), St Vincent's Hospital and BHP.</p>
<p>“Iris technology has and will continue to revolutionise security and identity management” said Lyman. It is the only technology to be safe, highly effective and non-invasive. Within Australia we are already seeing its use in a number of applications, from safe drug dispensing to high tech security. Our technology here in Australia is leading the world.”</p>
<p>Maybe those invisible airplanes and pen cameras aren’t so far fetched after all?</p>
<p>About Argus Solutions
Argus Solutions Ltd is a world leader in the development and delivery of iris recognition applications and solutions for physical and logical access requirements. Based in Sydney, and represented regionally in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, Argus Solutions has a growing client base including major government agencies.</p>
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