Lan 1 delivers mesh networking

Lan 1 delivers mesh networking


Lan 1 has partnered with US-based LAN network vendor, Strix Systems, to bring wireless mesh networking to Australia.

The company will be the exclusive distributor of Strix’s Access/One Network products, a new technology that incorporates point-to-point, or mesh network topology.

“This is really hot technology,” said Lan 1 National Manager for Networking, Andrew Mitchell.

“From a client viewpoint, the Strix Access One looks like any other access point (AP)," he said. "But each AP also communicates wirelessly with each other, in a mesh architecture, over a 802.11a encrypted backbone eliminating the need for any wiring.”

This saves money on cabling and is easier to deploy than point products or wireless LAN switch systems.

“It also frees up bandwidth on the client side. They can connect on an 802.11 a, b or g or even Bluetooth wireless LAN connection, allowing seamless roaming over APs and even offices on the same Strix network,” Mitchell said.

“Best of all it’s a fully self-configuring and self-healing network, so there’s no ongoing management that is required.”

Lan 1, which already distributes wired solutions, recognised that Access/One Network products would address the growing market demand for wireless LAN products.

“The product has only been available for a few weeks,” Mitchell said, “but already we’ve had many expressions of interest, and we are actively marketing it.”

The companies are targeting businesses and organisations that are located where running ethernet cable is difficult, costly or prohibited, such as at heritage sites where structural changes are not permitted.

Three pilot programs are currently running, through organisations which include the hotel and entertainment industries.

“We have spoken with three SIs, and they were all wrapped in what the Access/One Network had to offer,” Mitchell said. “Deployment is fast and cheap, and it doesn’t detract from the surrounding environment.”

The product will be sold through select resellers.

“We’re talking to guys who have been playing in the wireless market for a while – who’ve been waiting for this technology to arrive,” Mitchell said.

Nortel Networks is currently touting wireless mesh networking products on its website, however, it has yet to announce any availability or pricing.

“It’s always personally rewarding to go to market with new technology, especially when you are first to market,” Mitchell said.

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