PC Briefs: Napster, Sony

PC Briefs: Napster, Sony

Napster links to portable MP3 players

Roxio has updated its Napster LLC online music service by increasing the number of portable audio players onto which users can directly drag-and-drop tracks from the Napster application. The drag-and-drop feature, which had previously only supported one Samsung portable audio player, now supports 60 players, including Creative Labs’ Nomad Zen line, the Dell Digital Jukebox and RIO’s Cali and Nitrus. After plugging in the portable audio player to a computer’s USB port, the Napster software will recognise the portable audio player and add the device as a library, allowing users to drag and drop audio files from the main interface into the portable audio player library. Napster’s online music service currently offers 500,000 songs encoded in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format.

Sony details further chip investments for PS3

Sony has announced plans to spend another $US1.49 billion of the funds it has allocated to develop semiconductor technology for its PlayStation 3 console. The company will invest the money in technology to build advanced microprocessors for the PlayStation 3 and future consumer electronics products at its own plant and those of Toshiba and IBM. The money represents the largest part of the $US1.89 billion three-year investment plan that Sony and its Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) subsidiary announced last year. The money will be spent to realise production of chips whose smallest features are 65-nanometres across. Sample production of the chips is expected in the first half of 2005. Timing for the release of the console has not been disclosed by SCEI although the latest chip production schedules suggest a launch will not be possible until late 2005 at the earliest.

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