What's new from: HP, Veritas, StorageTek, Acer, Adaptec

What's new from: HP, Veritas, StorageTek, Acer, Adaptec

HP StorageWorks NAS 2000s

The HP StorageWorks NAS 2000s is a mid-range network-attached storage (NAS) solution that delivers more than 500GB of NAS storage with multi-protocol file support and storage management for workgroups, small businesses and remote locations. The product, which targets the medium enterprise, is ideal for customers who require quick, simple, rapidly deployable, flexible storage, or who need remote manageability and have limited IT resources, according to the company.The NAS 2000s is the first HP StorageWorks NAS device to use Microsoft’s new Windows Storage Server 2003 operating system giving customer’s better storage management, data protection, performance and print services. Key features include: Intel Xeon Processor 3.06 GHz/ 533MHz standard (up to 2 supported); 512K L2 Cache and 1 MB L3 Cache; 1GB two-way interleaved PC2100 DDR SDRAM (standard) up to 6GB (maximum); Smart Array 5i Plus Controller with BBWC (integrated on system board). It is available in Australia through a host of distributors including Dicker Data, Express Data, Ingram Micro, Lynx,Tech Pacific, and through HP’s national base of resellers.

RRP: $21,433.50.

Veritas StorageCentral 5.2

Veritas has released StorageCentral 5.2 which it claims automatically controls Windows storage allocation. Users can establish real-time quotas on shared Windows storage, and block inappropriate file types such as MP3s, games, scripts and viruses. The software also lets users identify and recover wasted disk space, report disk usage to users via active HTML reports and real-time notification when quota thresholds are reached. Local distributors for Veritas StorageCentral include ACA Pacific. Licensed by server prices start from $3060 for the Standard Edition for Windows Server up to one terrabytes v5.2 and is available up to an unlimited storage capacity.

StorageTek BladeStore/B200

StorageTek is now offering serial ATA (SATA)-based solutions as part of its BladeStore disk product family. The BladeStore/B200 scales to 56TB. It is ideally suited for customers who need a lower capacity, general purpose, entry-level disk array and want greater granularity when scaling capacity, according to the company. With the new BladeStore/B200, customers would have a lower cost for online storage alternatives to address select primary storage applications, and for general-purpose secondary storage applications, the company said. B200 customers can also leverage SANtricity Storage Manager, software providing a centralised, easy-to-use management interface that enables a suite of administration, configuration and data replication features. StorageTek’s SATA-based B200 storage system is now shipping in Australia, and is distributed through ACA Pacific. A 2TB configuration starts at a street price of about $35,000.

Acer Storage Centre

Acer has added two products — the Altos S700F and the Altos S300 — to its storage management software suite. According to the company, the suite offers an open storage networking infrastructure that takes the complexity and expense out of storage networking and management and maximises the availability and recoverability of data for business-critical applications. It delivers a suite of enterprise class storage services for data availability, data recovery, capacity management, and security, as well as an integrated platform for both SAN and NAS — all under one centralised management interface across Fibre Channel and IP, and across multi-vendor and multi-platform environments.

The Altos S700F — the 2GB Fibre Channel Storage System — provided a flexible, high performance storage solution that evolved to meet your changing needs, the company said. Based on a modular, building block enclosure design, the 2GB S700F offers excellent scalability. Each enclosure supports up to 14 disk drives, in a dense 3U form factor. It can be scaled in multiple dimensions, enabling flexible configuration of capacity, performance and functionality, to match and grow with virtually any application or IT environment. The Altos S300 — a SCSI Storage System — provides a highly flexible Performance Ultra320 solution that is based on a modular building block design. A tower or industry standard 19-inch rackmount configuration supports up to 14, 15K RPM disk drives and 2TB of capacity in a dense 3U form factor with a 20-inch depth. The midplane contains no active components and will support 640 MB/s aggregate bandwidth in split bus mode. Automatic termination and configuration as split bus or single bus is supported based on the cable configuration, and the system is downward compatible to Ultra2. It also features hot-swappable, redundant power supply modules with dual inputs, advanced cooling modules and disk drives, as well as redundant environmental monitoring and I/O modules. The products are distributed through Ingram Micro.

RRP: Altos S300 with 1TB from $14,999.

Altos S700 with 1TB of

Fibre Channel Storage from $15,999

Adaptec iSA1500 Storage Array

Adaptec has introduced a storage system that it claims will give organisations a cost-effective way to deploy network storage for email, database, disaster recovery, consolidation backup and other storage applications. The new Adaptec iSA1500 Storage Array leverages standard IP networks, existing network management skill sets and low-cost Serial ATA storage to provide organisations with networked reference-data storage that is easy and cost-effective to install and manage. The iSCSI-to-Serial ATA RAID subsystem combines high levels of data protection and capacity allocation flexibility with other advanced storage area network (SAN) capabilities and an easy-to-use management tool to reduce total cost of ownership. The Adaptec iSA1500 also provides high-capacity storage for direct-attached environments and an easy migration path to network storage. The Adaptec iSA1500 Storage Array is a high-density (1U) system that provides 1TB of storage capacity in four hot-swappable Serial ATA disk drives and supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10 for robust data protection. The array automates storage management to simplify installation, configuration and administration of IP SANs.

Its advanced snapshot capability shortens backup windows to maximize system uptime. The Adaptec iSA1500 also makes it easier for businesses to meet their changing capacity needs by enabling them to allocate storage to applications and servers dynamically.

RRP: $US10,000 (Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed).

Contact distributors Lan 1 and DTS for further information.

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