Sharp HDTV Video Recorder

Sharp HDTV Video Recorder

While both hard disk and DVD-based digital video recorders are becoming popular in Japan they almost all have a common failing — the inability to record high-definition broadcasts at original quality. Two hard-disk recorders that Sharp puts on sale in Japan in February and March don’t have such a restriction and can record HDTV in all its glory. The DV-HRD2 and DV-HRD20 differ in the capacity of hard disk: 160GB on the former and 250GB on the latter. With a direct connection to a digital tuner, the former can record up to 13 hours of broadcasts. The recording time grows as the video mode is reduced. Up to 37 hours is possible at a mode equivalent to DVD quality and this expands to 200 hours on a mode equivalent to the extended play mode found on VHS recorders. The DV-HRD2 costs $US1680; DV-HRD20 costs $US1887.

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