New Zealand ICT industry umbrella group proposed

New Zealand ICT industry umbrella group proposed

Moves are afoot to organise an ICT industry umbrella secretariat to coordinate communication between the industry and the government.

Internet New Zealand chief executive, Peter Macaulay, has been canvassing industry bodies and government and said he’s got broad verbal buy-in to the concept but that the respective organisations need to get approval from their councils.

Macaulay said the idea followed discussions with government, which found it difficult to get industry input into its digital strategy because of the fragmented nature of the industry.

"Government is dealing with more than 100 organisations," he said. "There is a lot of duplication of effort. We want to see the industry organisations focus on their primary goals but be able to share common things."

Macaulay said Internet New Zealand had volunteered to initially handle administration but was happy for that to be handed over to a paid secretariat or to be rotated through the better-funded organisations.

He had proposed a meeting on August 27 to kick off the idea.

"It doesn’t need universal buy-in but it needs to prove it can be effective," Macaulay said. "It won’t involve huge overhead – rather, it will funnel issues that need to be addressed by the entire community. This is not about merging organisations."

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