Homegrown answer to VoIP call quality problem

Homegrown answer to VoIP call quality problem

A new $6 million investment in Australian technology could be the answer to poor quality call standards on VoIP networks.

A spin-off company of the Australia Telecommunications Co-operative Research Centre and technology commercialisation company QPSX, Cortec Systems, has secured backing to take its new series of VoIP products, Freeway, to the world market.

Demand for VoIP is growing at a rapid rate, with increasing numbers of businesses seeking to put all their communications on the one network.

But counteracting this is the problem of managing large amounts of network traffic while maintaining voice and vision quality.

Freeway promises to fully automate conditions of call quality for each individual phone call or video conference that is taking place.

“Traditional data networks are not designed to carry ‘real-time’ traffic such as voice or video,”Cortec business development manager, Steve Telburn, said. “For VoIP, you need to manage the network differently.

“Freeway can provide a separate flow for every call or video, guaranteeing call quality.”

The products basically work by reserving bandwidth within the network before the call or video conference proceeds. This guarantees quality before the traffic goes ahead.

Telburn describes the process as circuits over IP, a concept that combines the process used for traditional phone networks with the IP network.

“The expectation within a lot of companies is that they have to cope with all the extensive switches that VoIP requires themselves,” Telburn said. “By using Freeway, you’re automating the whole process, so the network administrator doesn’t have to deal with configuring the network.”

The products, which are currently still in production, can be added to existing networks.

The company hopes to have Freeway ready for release within six months.

Financial backing comes from three Australian venture capital firms, Foundation Capital, Technology Venture Partners and Starfish Ventures.

The $6 million investment will fund research and development within Australia, as well as the hiring of a management team in the US.

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