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PeopleSoft Announces Enterprise Revenue Management

  • 24 March, 2004 10:41

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<p>PeopleSoft Announces Enterprise Revenue Management</p>
<p>PeopleSoft® Enterprise CRM Delivers a Comprehensive Solution for Rating, Billing, Collections, and Customer Care</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – March 24, 2004 – PeopleSoft, Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) today announced the availability of PeopleSoft® Enterprise Revenue Management. Designed for insurers, banking institutions, and revenue-generating government agencies, the new solution provides an end-to-end billing and revenue management system. As a result, organizations will benefit from a single platform that integrates enterprise-wide customer care information, complex rating, high-volume billing, and collections capabilities.</p>
<p>PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Management was co-developed by SPL WorldGroup, a CRM technology partner specializing in billing and customer care solutions. PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Management includes three new industry-specific applications: Premium Billing for Insurance, Fee Calculations and Billing for Banking and Capital Markets, and Revenue Management for Government.</p>
<p>“Every year companies and governments forego millions of dollars in uncollected debt due to ineffective revenue management systems,” said John Kost, managing vice president, Gartner. “To maximize the ability to collect what is due, many organizations require solutions that connect complex billing and collection technologies with front-office constituent care solutions.”</p>
<p>PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Management enables organizations to increase profits through improved debt collection, gain market share with innovative pricing, reduce operational costs with consolidated billing and invoicing, and improve customer satisfaction by gaining easy access to traditionally siloed customer data. The solution integrates business processes that span the enterprise enabling companies to:</p>
<p> Maximize Profits with a Single Solution: The end-to-end solution consolidates information from multiple accounts receivable systems to support cross-service, cross-account business processes. In addition, the solution improves customer care and helps manage receivables by providing organizations with a single platform for service records, account, billing, and credit and collections information.</p>
<p> Quickly Adapt to Market Conditions: The solution enables real-time application configuration, empowering companies to quickly modify business processes and adapt to dynamic market conditions. The solution’s easy-to-use graphical interface enables the primary user to make these changes without requiring IT assistance.</p>
<p> Operate with Greater Efficiency: The new solution eliminates the need for duplicate data entry via a single user interface. Users will also benefit from improved productivity by automating the billing and credit and collections workflow processes. For example, the solution provides convergent rating and a consolidated invoice for services across multiple lines of business, regions, and customer segments.
SPL President and CEO Harry Debes comments, “SPL is pleased to expand the long term relationship we have had with PeopleSoft. We believe our combined solution has proven itself to be a market leader and we are confident this will continue in the new target markets.”
“We’re always looking at potential new services, new ways of billing, new ways of breaking down our customer base,” said Jack Swanson, manager of information services, Benton Public Utility District (PUD). “PeopleSoft and SPL WorldGroup developed a unique solution that improves how customer information is gathered, shared, and utilized. The solution maximizes revenue collection, enables us to consolidate billing, reduces duplication, and improves customer care through real-time access to historical billing records.”
“PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Management pushes the boundaries of CRM to integrate business processes across the enterprise,” said Steve Roop, vice president of marketing, PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM. “The solution unites end-to-end business processes, enabling service-focused organizations to more effectively manage collections, locate lost revenue, adjust to dynamic market conditions, and provide a consistent customer experience.”
PeopleSoft Enterprise Revenue Management is available today for public and private utilities and is scheduled to be general availability in Q2 2004 for insurers, banking institutions, and revenue-generating government agencies.
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