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Iomega Shrinks And Unveils The Micro Mini USB Drive, And Gives Mini USB Drive A Makeover

  • 22 March, 2004 09:40

<p>Media Contact:
Ho Yin Yin, Iomega Pacific Pte Ltd, +65 6379 6215,
Dana Hartwig/Jenny Thurgate Infinity Communications +61 2 99231133</p>
Micro Mini’s Playful Design and Fun Accessories Target the Active Lifestyle,
New Mini Now Sports Sleek New Look</p>
<p>SYDNEY March 22, 2004 – Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage, today announced the new Iomega® Micro Mini™ USB 2.0 drive, a fast solid-state USB drive in an ultra-small package, as well as a newly-redesigned Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive.</p>
<p>Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive
The new Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 drive improves on Iomega’s original Mini Drive with a smaller form factor, while injecting a sense of style and fun. Easy to carry and use, the Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive comes in 64 MB and 128 MB capacities# that are perfect for sharing and saving photos, games, brief video clips, and other large files.</p>
<p>“Young people want a little style with their storage technology, and the Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive is a cool design,” said Lim Chong Gee, director, product management, Iomega Pacific. “This new drive is now even faster, which is important for a computing experience that feels more effortless and transparent.”</p>
<p>The new Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive is the first Iomega product to provide hi-speed USB (USB 2.0) interface technology in a super-compact, fun and playful design. Users can now transfer files at a speed of up to 8MB per second (read speed), making it more practical to manage presentations, photo, graphics, music, videos or even homework.</p>
<p>Lightweight at only nine grams, the new Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive fits in the smallest places and includes three snap-on caps in three different colours, a keychain, and an illuminating USB cable and dog tag lanyard (128 MB model only), giving users the choice of carrying an Iomega Micro Mini Drive or wearing one.</p>
<p>Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive
The redesigned Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive delivers up to nine times the performance of competing USB key drives and is the perfect solution for mobile professionals that need high-speed portable storage that is secure and easy to customise.</p>
<p>“Computer users have really taken to the storage key format,” said Lim Chong Gee, director, product manager, Iomega Pacific. “People like to carry their presentations, graphics, and office files on them, knowing they can find a USB connector on just about any computer. The redesigned Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive, in capacities of 128MB, 256MB and 512MB, is the ideal storage key product for the professional that’s on the go.”</p>
<p>According to analysts, the worldwide market for solid-state USB key drives is expected to grow by over 500 percent## in 2004.</p>
<p>The new Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive is wrapped in a sleek, silver package that is both functional and striking. The redesigned drive cap now locks in place, with a swing arm for added security. The drive itself now includes a mini-window that lets users customise their drive with a photo or label.</p>
<p>The new Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive uses top-of-the-line components to enable high data transfers of up to nine times faster than drives based on the USB 1.1 standard technology. For users, higher transfers rates mean that presentations, graphics, photos, music, and videos are more portable and easily accessible.</p>
<p>“Iomega has taken the great portability of the key drive and dramatically improved on its read/write performance using state-of-the-art USB 2.0 technology,” Lim continued. “Anyone routinely handling larger files will notice a huge improvement in file transfer rates with the new Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive.”</p>
<p>All Iomega USB Drives operate without cables, adaptors, or power supply - users simply plug the drive into any USB 1.1### or USB 2.0 port for instant access to their working files. Both the Iomega Micro Mini USB 2.0 Drive and the Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drive provide convenient storage on the go, with no drivers to install, and are plug-and-play compatible with Windows® Me, Windows® 2000 and above, Mac® OS 9 and above, and Linux® 2.4.1.</p>
<p>The Iomega Active Disk™ Software Advantage
Both the Iomega Micro Mini and Mini USB 2.0 Drives support Active Disk powered software, and utilise Active Disk powered titles that are designed to launch automatically when the drive is plugged into any compatible PC. Active Disk titles are easy to use, need no installation, don’t clutter the hard drive, and leave no trace on the host PC—even the user’s related work is stored automatically on the Micro Mini or Mini USB 2.0 drives (the Active Disk driver is a one-time automatic install, and is present on computers with IomegaWare installed). Over 80 Active Disk applications, games, and utilities are available for download at the Iomega Web site,, including Microsoft® Reader, MusicMatch® Jukebox, StuffIt and Active Disk Powered Windows® XP Moving Tool.</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability
The Iomega Micro Mini 64MB and 128MB USB 2.0 Drives will be available in late February/March at suggested retail prices of AUD$79 and AUD$119 respectively.</p>
<p>The Iomega Mini USB 2.0 Drives are now available at a suggested retail prices of AUD$99 for 128MB, AUD$179 for 256MB and AUD$299 for 512MB.</p>
<p>All Iomega Micro Mini and Mini USB Drives come with a three year limited warranty.</p>
<p># 1 MB = 1 million bytes
## Source: Web-Feet Research, Boston Group
### Using a USB 1.1 port limits the Micro Mini and Mini USB 2.0 Drives to USB 1.1 transfer rates</p>
<p>About Iomega
Iomega Corporation provides easy-to-use, high value storage solutions to help people protect, secure, capture and share their valuable digital information. Iomega’s award-winning storage products include the popular Zip® 100MB, 250MB and 750MB drives, high-performance Iomega® HDD External Hard Drives in desktop and network configurations with capacities from 20GB to 250GB, Iomega® Mini USB Drives and Micro Mini USB Drives, the multi-format Iomega® Super DVD Drives, Iomega® internal and external CD-RW drives, and the Iomega® Floppy USB-Powered Drive. Iomega simplifies data protection and sharing at home and in the workplace with Iomega® Automatic Backup software, Iomega® Sync software, HotBurn® CD-recording software, and Active Disk™ technology. For networks, Iomega® NAS Backup solutions offer NAS servers with capacities of 160GB to 1.44TB. Iomega also offers businesses and consumers a comprehensive data recovery services solution for recovering lost data due to hardware failure, file corruption or media damage. The Company can be reached on the Web at</p>
<p>In Australia, distributors for Iomega’s Micro Mini USB Drive and Mini USB Drive are Ingram Micro and Tech Pacific.</p>
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