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Leading Healthcare And Pharmaceutical Companies Prescribe Applix TM1 Business Intelligence Solutions

  • 22 March, 2004 09:34

<p>Applix Partners With SPF Plus to Cure Affinity Health</p>
<p>SYDNEY—22 March, 2004—Applix, Inc., a global provider of Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) solutions, today announced that TM1, the company’s flexible business intelligence tool for planning, forecasting, reporting and performance management is winning new customers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.</p>
<p>An aging population, increased regulation, privacy concerns and rapidly spiraling healthcare costs have conspired to make healthcare one of today's more complex business arenas. Market-leading business intelligence and performance management software from Applix is helping the industry provide better customer care while keeping healthcare more affordable.</p>
<p>Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies use TM1-based solutions for the ability to respond immediately with answers to ‘what-if’ analytic questions, a flexible environment for matching a company’s financial and business models, the familiar, well-developed Excel environment, and the minimal work required by IT for implementation and maintenance. In the healthcare industry, this allows executives to understand and better manage critical performance indicators to gain a better understanding of the immediate impact of their decisions.</p>
<p>For example, Affinity Health is the nation’s largest private hospital group, operating 41 hospitals in metropolitan and regional Australia. Affinity Health implemented an Applix TM1 and SPF Plus solution that enables automated distribution and real-time analysis of key operational metrics, while facilitating the compilation of corporate data for budgeting, forecasting and planning.</p>
<p>“We now have significant efficiencies because we don’t have to send out thousands of spreadsheets via email, receive them, fix them when users feel artistic, and then process the data back to TM1,” said Sreenavis Tata, information analyst, at Affinity Health. “Previously, we could not capture our data in a timely manner and the users had no ownership of their data.”</p>
<p>With Applix TM1 and SPF Plus, Affinity Health has changed the way they operate, providing them with huge cost and time savings, along with substantial increases in data accuracy and reporting flexibility.</p>
<p>“We are now able to capture more data, more accurately, more often with more detail giving us much better insight into the business. We feel this puts us way ahead of the game, and we can’t imagine how we ever operated without the Applix TM1 and SPF Plus solution,” continued Tata.</p>
<p>Tim Wright, vice president, Asia Pacific, of Applix, commented, “The healthcare industry has been shaken to its core as it attempts to cut costs while maintaining high levels of customer care. The industry needs to stay one step ahead of evolving business trends and government regulation while staying competitive. TM1-based solutions combined with SPF Plus can improve an organization’s ability to leverage data by extracting actionable business intelligence wherever it exists. TM1 and SPF Plus provide a real-time, interactive view into such varied applications as organizational finances, health data records and clinical trials.”</p>
<p>For more information on how Applix TM1 improves decision-making in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, visit</p>
<p>About Applix TM1
TM1 is a proven planning platform for planning, budgeting, and forecasting solutions. Solutions built on TM1 enable customers to continuously manage and monitor the performance of their financial, operational functions, with views of past performance, the current state of the business, and opportunities for the future. TM1 scored the highest rating in goal achievement and performance in Nigel Pendse's OLAP 3 Survey[1] (</p>
<p>About SPF Plus
SPF Plus offers the ultimate solution for collaborative, real-time business intelligence, bringing ease, speed and flexibility to enterprise budgeting, forecasting, planning, reporting and analysis, whether your company requires a simple web-based reporting solution, or complex analyses of sales forecasts, customer profitability or balanced scorecard. For more information about SPF Plus, please visit</p>
<p>About Applix
Applix (NASDAQ: APLX) is a global provider of Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management solutions. These solutions enable the continuous management and monitoring of performance across the financial, operational, customer and organizational functions within the enterprise. More than 1,700 customers worldwide user Applix’s adaptable, scalable and real-time solutions, delivered by Applix and by a global network of partners, to manage their business performance and respond to the marketplace in real-time. Headquartered in Westborough, MA, Applix maintains offices in four countries in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. For more information about Applix, please visit</p>
<p>[1] TM1 was named the best performing analytics engine in The OLAP Survey 3, November, 2003, p. 226-7. The OLAP Survey 3, the largest and most detailed survey of OLAP products to date, is a quantifiable survey of the $3.5 billion OLAP market. The Survey, conducted by Nigel Pendse and, analyzed data from 1047 OLAP sites in 48 countries. (</p>
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