Sony LF-X1 Airboard

Sony LF-X1 Airboard

Sony has launched a new wireless television with a 12.1-inch thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, the Airboard LF-X1. Unlike other portable TVs, which receive TV from over-the-air signals, the Airboard receives a digital video signal sent across a wireless LAN link from a companion base station. The advantage in this set up is that the base station can be connected to an external antenna, cable TV, satellite tuner or any other device and the programs then watched on the Airboard. Perhaps its most impressive feature is the ability to take the Airboard away from home and still connect to the base station and watch streaming video coming across a wired Internet connection. The company has previously launched three other Airboard wireless TVs but each has failed to catch on. It goes on sale in Japan on March 12 for about $US1385.

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