Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel

Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel

Logitech and Sony Computer Entertainment Australia have rolled out the Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel for PlayStation 2. Specially designed for use with Polyphony Digital’s upcoming Gran Turismo 4 racing simulation game for PlayStation 2, the Driving Force Pro feedback steering wheel mimics the dynamic turning radius of a real, performance-oriented streetcar. While earlier gaming wheels only offer up to 300 degrees of rotation, the Logitech Driving Force Pro turns a full 900 degrees (2.5 turns, lock-to-lock) in games that support this feature. The wheel has an automatic legacy mode that reverts to 200 degrees of rotation. This lets gamers play their existing force feedback games as they’ve been accustomed to and get the most out of new games — all with a single wheel. In addition to the cranked up wheel rotation, the steering has a smooth and solid feel due to specially designed steel bearings. It also sports a right-side shift knob with precise sequential shifting action. For Formula-style racing fans, the wheel also features paddle shifters on the backside of the wheel. There are eight wheel-mounted action buttons on the wheel hub, and an on-board analog D-pad that controls car functions. The Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel will be distributed by BJE and Tech Pacific. It will be available in Australia later this year.

RRP: $299.99.

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