Express Data targets $50m in business renewals

Express Data targets $50m in business renewals

Express Data has launched a new online service designed to help resellers secure ongoing revenue from renewable maintenance contracts by advising them of when their customers are due for a renewal.

Annuity manager for Express Data, Shannon Muller, said the service was developed to benefit from the potential $50 million of annuity business passed up every year by resellers through un-renewed and neglected maintenance contracts.

The new service is delivered via Express Data’s new web-based Annuity Portal, which went live in January, and is managed by a dedicated sales team that assist with any annuity related requirements.

The annuity portal shows resellers all of their upcoming annuity opportunities within a six-month window (three months either side of the current month).

“In the past it was too difficult for resellers to manually manage their renewable contract business," Muller said. "They either had to do it themselves which would take a lot of time or they expected vendors to advise them once their customers’ maintenance contracts came up for renewal."

However, most vendors rely on resellers to monitor renewal opportunities.

Muller said the service made it easy for resellers to secure this lucrative ongoing revenue stream.

“This is business that the resellers have sold once and can sell again," he said. "All the hard work has been done by them in the past, now they can capitalise on it.”

Managing director of ASI Solutions, Marie Lowe, said: “Anything that helps resellers find up-to-date information on both hardware and software licence renewal from a wide range of vendors is a great help.

”Vendors licensing rules vary so much that it’s hard to keep track of when a licence or maintenance contract is up for renewal.”

Muller said the service was also designed to help resellers that had not developed a renewable contract business to get started.

It is the only distributor in Australia to offer such a service.

Express Data has launched a national Annuity roadshow that is designed to give resellers a greater understanding of annuity as a business offering. The two-hour roadshow will be held in every capital city (except Darwin and Hobart) during February. The Brisbane roadshow kicks off today.

Lowe said that while the portal is a useful tool, the next step is a portal that allows resellers to set their own notification policy and receive customised automated reminder emails rather than having to visit the portal and check their customers’ historical data.

The distributor has made a significant investment in ramping up its online reseller services this year.

Last month, Express Data also launched a Cisco configuration service, an alternative to Cisco’s Connection Online (CCO) service for configurations.

Accessible via its website, the service allows resellers to build to specification a Cisco authorised configuration, add it to the basket and receive real time reseller specific pricing, availability and quotations.

For more information on Annuity or to register for your local Annuity Workshop, please contact

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