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StorageTek ILM Solution Stores A Terabyte Of Satellite Imagery And Information A Month For Raytheon Australia

  • 11 February, 2004 15:10

<p>~ StorageTek Global Services Designs, Implements and Project Manages Greenfields Information Lifecycle Management Solution For Raytheon In 3 Months ~</p>
<p>SYDNEY Australia, February 11, 2004 -- StorageTek® (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, has designed, implemented and project managed an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution storing satellite imagery and value-added geospatial information for Raytheon Australia in three months.</p>
<p>StorageTek was selected over an extensive field of candidates, offering a solution which is easier to manage than many proposed and automatically scales to meet increased demand, while meeting Raytheon Australia's budget and strict deadline. Raytheon derived business benefits from choosing a specialist storage solutions provider able to supply and install all the equipment and software required and provide all the services needed to integrate the solution.</p>
<p>In choosing StorageTek, Raytheon maximised its confidence in meeting its deadline for the new satellite imagery system and reduced its risks. The company was able to launch its new product, based on a 6-year distribution agreement with French satellite operator SPOT Image, into the Australian market on time and on budget.</p>
<p>"StorageTek offered the best solution for the price. The ILM solution fitted what we wanted to do and we were confident they could deliver on time," said Raytheon General Manager for Imagery and Geospatial Solutions, Warren King. "We wanted to work with someone who knew what they were doing. The deadline was part of the RFQ and we needed guarantees from vendors. If they didn't know they could meet it, and they couldn't provide guarantees, then they were knocked out."</p>
<p>Raytheon Australia is a channel partner for SPOT Image, with exclusive reception and distribution rights to the SPOT constellation of satellites. To receive and process the image telemetry from these satellites, Raytheon Australia has established the first commercial satellite imagery telemetry acquisition and processing system in Australia. Satellite telemetry is received at the Raytheon Australia Geospatial Acquisition Centre located at the Institute for Telecommunications Research in Adelaide. The images are then processed at its Geospatial Operations Centre in Canberra.</p>
<p>Raytheon's ILM solution -- based on StorageTek's Application Storage Manager (ASM) software, D280 disk subsystem, L700 automated tape library and T9940B tape drives; and networked via Brocade SAN switches -- offers superior levels of expandability and an integrated backup solution. StorageTek also provided services expertise including storage architecture, systems integration, database administrators, and project management.</p>
<p>"Some of the things that happened afterwards made us glad we went with StorageTek," said Mr King. "StorageTek's services people were great. They bent over backwards to make sure everything worked and they went out of their way to make sure we met our deadline. We had some challenges, but we got through them. The one thing that came through is how professional their attitude was."</p>
<p>Raytheon's ILM solution is designed to be invisible to its users. This means that users can access imagery and associated value-added information without being aware where it is stored on the system, regardless whether it is on disk or on tape.</p>
<p>New images, either new satellite images or value-added images completed by Raytheon, are loaded onto StorageTek's D280 disk subsystem, with 6 terabytes of capacity. StorageTek's ASM software then manages the automatic archiving of the images to tape -- automatically generating two tape copies while leaving 16 kilobytes on disk to speed up future retrieval. When duplicate tapes are filled up they are unloaded from the L700 tape library. This automated, integrated approach to backup requires no additional backup software or human intervention apart from sending the tapes offsite.</p>
<p>Six months into using the system, Raytheon has filled around 32 200-gigabyte tapes, or 6.4 terabytes of information, about one sixth of the capacity initially purchased. Rates of data acquisition are expected to continue to increase. Some 25 gigabytes of telemetry data are downloaded every day. Value-added images produced by Raytheon can grow to 10 gigabytes per image. These may include orthorectified images and geospatial references or three-dimensional models and fly-throughs.</p>
<p>Despite the rapid growth in data, the storage system is managed by just one person, who also has responsibilities for looking after other new IT systems. "That's the beauty of an automated ILM solution like StorageTek's. It doesn't need much hands on attention -- it tells us when we need to do something," said Mr King.</p>
StorageTek (NYSE:STK), a $US2 billion worldwide company with headquarters in Louisville, Colo., delivers a broad range of storage solutions that are easy to manage, integrate well with existing infrastructures and allow universal access to data across servers, media types and networks. StorageTek provides practical and safe storage solutions in disk, networking, services, tape and tape automation. For more information, see</p>
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