Government PCs go walkabout

Government PCs go walkabout

Ever wondered why, even in an economic downturn, your government customers still purchase kit while the private sector won't spend a cent?

Ask Shadow Minister for IT, Kate Lundy, and she will tell you it is because Government departments have a habit of losing things. Well not just things, but computers. About 975 of them in the past five years.

As the Government was preparing for its summer break and a notoriously reserved IT minister was settling in to his new portfolio, the IT space was a little quiet last week. But the ALP is never short of something to attack the Government over and had a field day with reports of missing documents and lost IT hardware.

Lundy based her figures on the statistics by the Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Audit Inquiry into the “Management and Integrity of Electronic Information in the Commonwealth”.

Upon further questioning, Lundy's spokesperson said that the computers in question included those stolen from cars and during break-ins at government employees’ houses.

Lundy preferred to term the losses as “enormous waste of tax payers’ money” with "severe security implications".

The opposition was also not keen to comment on how many computers it had lost in the same period.

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