IIA launches national virus protection scheme

IIA launches national virus protection scheme

In the wake of the recent MyDoom outbreak, the Internet Industry Association (IIA) has announced a national antivirus initiative that plans to provide all Australian internet users with free trial antivirus software.

According to IIA statistics, as many as one-in-four Australians do not have any protection against the latest viruses.

“These unprotected users are not only a threat to themselves, they are a threat to internet users everywhere, because their infection becomes the start of a new chain of attack through the internet community,” IIA chief executive, Peter Coroneos, said.

The plan is supported by major vendor members of the IIA, such as Yahoo, McAfee Security and Trend Micro. There are currently six trial versions of antivirus products available for download.

It is modelled on the IIA’s earlier antispam empowerment initiative which offered free trial antispam software through the IIA’s No-spam web page.

Coroneos claims that more than 100,000 people took advantage of the scheme.

The antivirus software varies according to vendors, with the free trial period lasting from 15 days to three months.

“We are trying to get as many Australians protected as we can,” Coroneos said. “There is no reason why [this initiative] shouldn’t result in Australians having the highest rate of installed protection anywhere. That is our aim.”

Free trials can be downloaded through the IIA National Antivirus Initiative page at

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