Klikon profits from network events tool

Klikon profits from network events tool

Professional services company Klikon Solutions is reaping the rewards of a decision to turn to distributing a network analysis product from American software vendor Network Intelligence.

Klikon has been the distributor of Network Intelligence's log capture and analysis product, enVision, for the past 18 months.

Klikon's core competency has largely been in managed services, procurement and security, working closely with partners such as RSA, Cisco and IBM. The company, which formed five years ago after several engineers left IT solutions company Data#3, today turns over roughly $10 million per annum

"We came across it [enVision] by fluke," said Amin Chamoun, Klikon's managing director.

Today Klikon has 23 staff in its Sydney office. Two of which, an engineer and client executive, work solely on marketing and installing enVision, and the SMB version, Private I.

According to RJ Spurr, Klikon's enVision sales executive, enVision is one product which is part of the "buzz" around the event management industry. "You ask any network admin person when the last time they reviewed log files and they smirk - they all understand the value but they don't do it," said Spurr.

enVision captures network events and delivers real-time warnings, reports and analysis of activity on network infrastructure devices such as routers, as well as security devices such as firewalls and host servers. This is recorded in one central repository. The product's event capture capabilities are platform agnostic and is built on a proprietary SQL database.

"You'll see the acronyms NEM [network event management] and SEM [security event management] thrown around. They are effectively the same - but security draws more attention," Spurr said.

Although not marketed as a security device per se, enVision "looks like a poor man's IDS [intrusion detection system]" Spurr said. This is because the product provides a mechanism to detect and react to events in real-time. The end-user is able to generate alarms and alerts based on conditions set by a network administrator, and can detect if unauthorised data or events, are passing through firewalls or other network hardware.

"Because it captures a lot of information in those logs, it is powerful. You can start drilling into information such as where you have been, what you have done. This is a minimum of what it is supposed to do, which is to capture log events," said Chamoun.

To date the largest install of enVision has been with existing Klikon customer, Chubb Security. Other large contracts have been with a university in WA and one in Victoria.

Chamoun said the company was looking to get more resellers on board. "There is a lot of work we need to do to in getting this product out there," he said "It is still an untapped market. A lot of customers could benefit from it."

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