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Norman Virus Control for Content Vectoring Protocol Based firewalls released

  • 30 January, 2004 08:55

<p>Leading IT security company Norman Data Defense Systems, today announced the release of Norman Virus Control for Firewall-1 Next Generation using the popular Content Vectoring Protocol (CVP) developed by Check Point™ Technologies.</p>
<p>Mr Mark Karpinski, managing director of Capital Security Solutions, the Australian distributor of Norman security software, said today that Internet-based probes and attacks are a fact of life on today's networks.</p>
<p>“With the world currently plagued by the MyDoom, Norvarg, Mimail.R or Shimg virus, never before have computer viruses and worms wreaked so much havoc and caused so much damage as in this past year,” he said.</p>
<p>In January 2003, Slammer received high media coverage, but even this was topped by the MSBlaster and Sobig.F attacks in August/September, which caused millions of dollars in damages and clean-up costs worldwide. Some of the effects included slowing down the system (Internet “backbone”) to unacceptable levels, halting emerging calls and knocking out ATM machines. The new MyDoom worm could prove to be even more devastating.</p>
<p>Mr Karpinski said, “We have a strategy to secure customers at the perimeter before traffic can enter or leave the organisation. This includes solutions to scan files for viruses or other harmful content as they pass through perimeters such as firewalls”.</p>
<p>Norman Virus Control for Firewall-1 NG works seamlessly together with other CVP compliant firewalls including Nokia Firewall and Sun Microsystems iForce VPN/Firewall among others. The CVP defines a client/server relationship that enables different firewall systems to share a common content validation server like the Norman Virus Control for FW-1 NG.</p>
<p>By scanning for viruses, worms and Trojans hidden in web file transfers and email attachments (HTTP, FTP and SMTP) passing through the firewall, Norman Virus Control stops viruses and other Malware before they can compromise corporate security.</p>
<p>The content checking module includes Norman SandBox technology. SandBox technology creates a virtual environment to simulate servers and network services. This provides an environment where possible virus infected executables ‘run’ just as they would do on a real system. When execution stops, Norman SandBox is analysed for changes. SandBox is particularly tuned to find new email, network and peer-to-peer worms.</p>
<p>“This is a very powerful yet simple tool to install at the perimeter of a company network to check all communications into and out of the organisation,” said Mr Karpinski.</p>
<p>“We believe companies having a security policy in place where perimeter protection is a part of this plan will reap the benefits and cost savings compared to those who implement security after a crisis. Increasing use of e-communications and tighter legislation have meant that content scanning systems have become a prerequisite for today's businesses and virus scanning plays a key role within this,” he added.</p>
<p>About Norman ASA</p>
<p>Norman ASA is one of the world's leading companies within the field of information security. Norman offers high-quality products and services within the areas of, virus control, personal firewall, encryption, gateway protection, data recovery, data erasure and computer forensic. Today, there are more than 12 million users of Norman's products worldwide. Norman has
220 employees and is represented by subsidiaries (Norman Data Defense Systems) and strategic alliances in USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Capital Security Solutions Pty Ltd based in Wantirna, Melbourne is the exclusive Australian distributor of all Norman Data Security software.</p>
<p>Press Enquiries:</p>
<p>Mr Mark Karpinski, Managing Director, Capital Security Solutions Pty Ltd, Suite 503 Knox Office Tower, 425 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South 3152. Tel: (03) 9801 0100. Facsimile: (03) 9801 0800. Email:</p>
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