Acer launches PixelPerfect guarantee

Acer launches PixelPerfect guarantee

Undaunted by the prolonged LCD panel shortage, LCD vendors are raising the bar on standard LCD pixel defect replacement policy.

In the latest move, Acer has launched a PixelPerfect Guarantee across its entire range of notebooks and LCD monitors.

Australia is the first country to receive Acer’s zero imperfect pixel policy which guarantees that any Acer desktop LCD, standalone LCD or notebook LCD that contains one imperfect pixel will be replaced under the vendor’s two-hour Commitment Warranty Express service.

“Each LCD screen manufacturers and notebook makers set their own standards of up to nine imperfect pixels before they will replace a notebook or LCD monitor,” Acer marketing director, Raymond Vardenaga, said.

Acer’s previous pixel defect policy and most LCD manufacturer’s current policies are often based on a formula that varies from vendor to vendor. These policies determine when an LCD will be replaced by the vendor depending on a vast number of pixel defect variables.

“In the past, Acer’s distributors and resellers struggled to communicate the ISO standard – which quotes the allowable number of defects for LCD panels based on four classes - to the client because of its complexity, Vardenaga said.

“It was archaic. We’ve now made it simple for our distributors, resellers and our customers.”

The shortage of LCD panels has done little to deter vendors from adopting such marketing initiatives. Samsung and Sony also offer zero dead pixel policies on some of their LCD product ranges. Sony launched a three-year zero dead pixel policy on its range of SDM HX and X-Series premium LCDs in August.

However, Acer claims it is the first company to offer the perfect pixel policy on its entire LCD range.

“The shortage is a short term issue," Vardanega said. "The pixel perfect guarantee is a long term statement of our commitment to quality and providing the best available level of service. It’ something we’ve been planning for some time. Regardless of the shortage people are still expecting a high level of quality."

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