56K modems debut

56K modems debut

Right on schedule, 56Kbit/sec modems have started to make their entry on the general market. Motorola was the first out of the blocks followed by Banksia - just 24 hours later.

Motorola chose Australia as the first country in the world to launch its 56Kbit/sec range - VoiceSURFER 56K and ModemSURFER 56K. Backing the Motorola product at its launch were Telstra Big Pond and Ascend Communications.

Banksia is using the same Rockwell K56 technology in its new modems. It is offering an upgrade program for qualified existing users of Banksia modems on a return-to-base deal.

Motorola said it will start shipping its modems in early March, with distribution through Polaroid Computing.

Banksia said the first of its 56K modems will be released through its Simplecomputing division in late March or early April.

Its premium Banksia brand 56Kbit/sec modems will not be available until late April, but these will be using Rockwell's next generation chips and will be flash upgradable. The range will include 56K versions of MyFastModem and the Wave SP.

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