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Snap Appliance Launches New Release of its Unified Software Platform - Guardian OS V3.1

  • 07 December, 2004 16:50

<p>GuardianOS™ v3.1 Delivers Enhanced iSCSI Capabilities with Advanced Data Protection and Full Support for NDMP and Server-to-Server Synchronisation</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – December 7, 2004 - Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADPT), a global leader in storage solutions, today announced version 3.1 of its award-winning, Linux-based GuardianOS™ - a unified software platform that supports both block and file architectures for distributed data management. This new release has been optimised to provide superior iSCSI and file server performance and also delivers powerful new server replication, backup, and recovery capabilities to further differentiate Snap Servers in the network storage market.</p>
<p>The GuardianOS powers all of Snap Appliance's departmental and enterprise Snap Servers ranging in storage capacity from 320GB up to 30TB. New support for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), an open protocol for enterprise-wide backup and recovery, allows Snap Servers to be leveraged in almost any enterprise environment regardless of the company's existing backup and recovery architecture. NDMP helps medium to large sized enterprises centralise backup management and control, simplify the administration of network storage environments, move data efficiently for faster backups, and support heterogeneous environments. The GuardianOS implementation supports all three NDMP configurations - Data Management Application (DMA), Tape Server, and Data Server.</p>
<p>"NDMP opens the door for Snap Appliance to be a player in a larger portion of the enterprise backup and recovery market while enhancing our data protection offerings for our customers," said Mark Pollard, vice president of marketing of the Snap Appliance division of Adaptec. "We have also added support for a cost-effective data replication solution called Server-to-Server (S2S) Synchronisation v2 that allows companies to simplify backup/recovery and data distribution by easily and reliably moving data throughout their distributed enterprise."</p>
<p>S2S Synchronisation v2 (also announced today) is an add-on software module supported by the GuardianOS v3.1 for asynchronous, byte level replication and movement of data throughout a distributed environment over a wide area network (WAN) on a "one-to-many," "many-to-many," or "many-to-one" basis. S2S v2 is an extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective solution including advanced security and bandwidth optimisation features such as encryption, compression, bandwidth throttling, and exclusion rules.</p>
<p>"Snap Appliance's S2S v2 is a full featured 'replication for the masses' solution that will give enterprises the opportunity to protect and easily move data without the significant investment or complexity that was required in the past," said Peter Kastner of the Aberdeen Group. "Together, with the GuardianOS v3.1, Snap has a solid software offering for its departmental and enterprise servers that can continue to scale as the company expands its hardware product line."</p>
<p>Improved iSCSI Support</p>
<p>The GuardianOS combines seamless, block-level data access with cross-platform file sharing on a single device to provide a simple and flexible solution for any storage infrastructure. With Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) target support, Snap Appliance is one of the industry-leaders enabling a new class of simple, cost-effective, and efficient IP SANs using Ethernet. iSCSI facilitates communication over IP using a client/server model with initiators (clients) and targets (servers). Snap Servers provide the target in an enterprise and can communicate with any other server on the network through either a software or hardware initiator. With this release, the GuardianOS delivers additional iSCSI software and hardware initiator support such as those from Microsoft Windows, RedHat Linux, Sun Solaris, Adaptec, and Intel.</p>
<p>Additional features and benefits of the GuardianOS include:</p>
<p>• Instant Capacity Expansion (I.C.E.) - Instantaneous and non-disruptive scalability to meet growing storage needs, I.C.E. eliminates the risk of drive failure during RAID rebuild and provides additional capacity immediately.</p>
<p>• Centralised Storage Management - Snap Server Manager (SSM) is capable of administering all GuardianOS-based Snap Servers across a customer's enterprise network from a single console to reduce TCO and increase ROI with minimal IT resources. Based on Java™ technology, SSM provides an intuitive Web-based GUI that is platform-independent and allows an enterprise to rapidly deploy, provision, configure, upgrade, and manage a complete enterprise storage network.</p>
<p>• Comprehensive Data Protection - Industry-leading storage management software, (award winning) BakBone's NetVault™ 7, is embedded into the GuardianOS to deliver enhanced data protection and enterprise-class functionality. Integrated Native Snapshot Technology allows for consistent point-in-time incremental backups to further reduce costs. NDMP offers advanced restore options including Direct Access Restore (DAR), while S2S v2 delivers advanced data replication and distribution capabilities.</p>
<p>• Security - The GuardianOS provides the latest in system and data security including integrated Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus software, Kerberos authentication, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSLv3).</p>
<p>Pricing and Availability</p>
<p>The GuardianOS comes standard on the new Snap Server 18000 (also announced today), as well as the Snap Server 15000, 14000, 4500, and 4200. Upgrades to GuardianOS v3.1 are free to customers using GuardianOS v3.0 and will be available from channel partners. The GuardianOS v3.1 includes a 45-day free trial version of S2S Synchronisation v2. Please note that all capacities described in this announcement are native capacities.</p>
<p>1 GartnerGroup Network Attached Storage Market Share: Worldwide April 2004</p>
<p>About Snap Appliance</p>
<p>Snap Appliance is a leader in distributed data management solutions and the worldwide volume leader in network attached storage (NAS) solutions 1. With the industry's largest NAS installed customer base, Snap provides simple, scalable storage solutions for leading enterprises and organisations of all sizes across a wide range of industries. The GuardianOS® is Snap's unified software platform for distributed data management with the goal of supporting any enterprise platform, any application, anywhere in the network. The Snap Server™ product family represents true business value, providing innovative technology and rich feature sets that enable organisations to leverage their information assets. Snap's established channel partnerships along with its service and support team provide a rewarding customer experience. More information is available at</p>
<p>Snap Appliance, Snap Server, Snap Care and Snap Disk are trademarks of Snap Appliance. All other trademarks are the marks of their respective owners.</p>
<p>About Adaptec</p>
<p>Adaptec Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT) provides end-to-end storage solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec provides software and hardware solutions for storage connectivity and data protection, storage networking and networked storage subsystems to leading OEM and distribution channel partners. Adaptec solutions are in use by enterprises, ISPs, medium and small businesses and consumers worldwide. Adaptec is an S&amp;P Small Cap 600 Index member.</p>
<p>Rob Stirling
Markom Marketing
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<p>Demetri Christodoulou
Adaptec Australia
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