Logica nabs QLD law enforcement deal

Logica nabs QLD law enforcement deal

Queensland Transport has selected IT solutions company Logica to supply and manage new computer terminals for law enforcement vehicles.

The 100 Maverick mobile computer terminals, now being installed in Queensland Police vehicles, will replace existing terminals that have been operating since 1998.

Logica, which has also installed the system into NSW Police vehicles, said the Maverick product is an in-vehicle mobile computer. It has an Intel Pentium processor, two wireless radio networks, a hard disk, printer ports, Windows OS, a keyboard and a specially designed plastic pen that acts like a mouse.

Maverick benefits the police force by speeding up response times. The system allows police to gain access to the registration and licensing details of persons of interest, all from within their vehicle. The checking of such details previously had to be done over police radio, which was far more time consuming, especially if there was a mass of requests.

"The Maverick terminals will be a major weapon in the fight against the increasing number of unlicensed vehicles and drivers occupying the state's roads," said Paul Summergreen, Queensland Transport's director of IT.

The fully functional PCs are mounted in the boot of the vehicle. They are kept in a case that is specially designed to cope with rugged conditions and high temperatures. The system is supported by mobile data and GSM/SMS communications capabilities. Logica said there are security measures in place to protect the information on the systems, but would not go into any detail as to the consequences of such a machine being stolen.

"The cost of installing the system is in excess of $5,000," said Bill Katsinas, a business development manager with Logica. "The Maverick units allow access to multiple real-time databases empowering the law enforcement officers with the information they require to make direct and effective decisions in the field."

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