Optus alters CableNet pricing, slashes premium plan cost

Optus alters CableNet pricing, slashes premium plan cost

Optus has slashed the price of its premium OptusNet Cable service by over 50 per cent in a bid to boost sales and strengthen marketshare of its broadband offering.

The company announced price cuts and plan changes on Thursday across its entire dial-up and broadband product offerings.

The OptusNet Cable Ultimate 15GB $239.95 plan will be cut to $109.95, with Ultimate customers also benefiting from a 5GB increase in their monthly allowance. Data speed limits between 20Kbps and 28.8Kbps apply after 12GB have been downloaded.

Other OptusNet cable customers to see radical changes to their plans are those on the to 6GB plan. They will get a doubling of their data allowance and reduction of monthly pricing from $99.95 to $69.95. Standard 3GB customers will still pay the same monthly fee of $69.95, but their monthly data allowance will increase four-fold.

According to an Optus spokesperson, the company is able to make changes to its plans because as it achieves critical mass, its cost base changes. "Changes in our cost base allows us to be more flexible," the spokesperson said.

Along with the new plans, Optus has introduced a Starter 300MB plan for $49.95 per month for broadband newbies.

“We expect the Starter plan to be very popular with people wishing to switch from dial-up to broadband. For a few dollars more than dial-up, customers can get 300MB which is double the average monthly downloads used by our dial-up customer base,” said Martin Dalgleish, the MD for Optus consumer and multimedia, in a statement.

Before the Starter plan, the company's introductory cable offering was the Lite 550MB at $54.95. That remains, with customers on that plan now having 1GB of data to play with each month.

Many OptusNet dial-up customers will get $3.50 off their monthly bill. NetRollover 20 plan users, however, will be given an extra 10 hours per month for free. There are no changes to the dial up 5 and 15 NetRollover plans.

The pricing plans will come into effect on 1 March and existing customers will automatically be migrated to them. New customers will need to commit to 12 months, should they wish to benefit from the plans.

Dalgleish said that with the company's "superior" Internet pricing, Optus expects to continue to grow its marketshare in both dial up and broadband.

Pricing and plans for OptusNet DSL would be disclosed in March 2004.

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