CES - Unique electronics showcased at Digital Experience

CES - Unique electronics showcased at Digital Experience

As an Energizer bunny trudged around the room banging a drum and posing for photographs, charged-up vendors displayed a whole range of consumer electronics wares, from portable MP3 players to portable mobile phone chargers, at the Digital Experience event held in Las Vegas as a preview to the Consumer Electronics Show that began on Thursday.

Digital Experience gave vendors a chance to showcase their latest wares.

A big crowd gathered around the Rio Audio booth, where the company displayed the tiny Rio Nitrus 4GB MP3 player. Previously available as a 1.5GB model, Rio claims that the pocket-sized Nitrus can store 132 hours of WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 music files. It weighs less than two ounces, has a 16-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery and allows for transfer of files through a USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 port. It will start shipping in the US this month for $US249.

Boom Bags announced Office on Wheels, luggage with integrated speakers, "designed for road warriors, by road warriors", according to the company. The regular-size two bags in the set are designed to carry a laptop and projector, allowing users to listen to music or make presentations while on the road. The bags contain amplifiers with touch control panels and two three-inch speakers to play back sound at four watts. A four-inch subwoofer amplifies sound at eight watts. The bags also have headphone output jacks, and microphone input to use the baggage for presentation. The bags will become available later this year. The company declined to provide a price.

Salton displayed home appliances that digitised cooking. The Beyond Home Hub is a $499 kitchen hub that can synchronise with other Beyond appliances in the kitchen to set cooking times. For example, it can wirelessly provide the Beyond Coffee Maker, also displayed at the show, updates on when to brew coffee, or instruct the Beyond Bread Maker on when to start making bread. It synchronises for just about everything: it pulls weather forecast updates from Accuweather and synchronizes with the U.S. atomic clock via Internet. It can also provide alarms for events and has a battery that lets it continue operating for 8 years in the event of a power failure. Based on Microsoft’s CE.Net operating system, it connects to the Internet via a telephone line. The Beyond Coffee Maker will become available later this month, while the Home Hub is already available on Salton’s Web site.

If you run out of power while using a mobile phone, plugging in Compact Power Systems' portable Cellboost could provide an additional hour of talk-time. The dual battery/recharger weighs just under an ounce and can also provide 60 hours of standby time, according to the company. It is compatible with mobile phones from Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, LG Electronics and Siemens AG.

UmeVoice displayed theBoom, a noise-cancellation headset that eliminates background noises while speaking on a mobile phone. The company claims that the two-microphone housing of the gel headset cancels out background noise that hits the front and back ports. It can eliminate high decibel sounds like a Blackhawk helicopter flying, or the roar that emanates from the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, the company claims. It costs $149.99 and recently became available in the US.

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