The Compaq winners and losers have their say

The Compaq winners and losers have their say

ARN hit the phones last week to seek the opinion of those affected by Compaq's choice of distribution partners.

The Winners

Dicker Data

Volume products and services

"We were the largest Compaq distributor last year, but probably just as important to our success is the fact that we specialise in the ones and twos. That's not a market that most of the others want to play in. We plan to double our Compaq sales in the next 12 months and we're planning on purchasing facilities next door." - Fiona Dicker, general managerTech PacificVolume products and services"We're very pleased with the aggressiveness of Compaq's consolidation and we will make every effort to make sure that change is successful.

- Anne Mossman, director of sales and marketingITG/Ingram MicroVolume products and services"Congratulations to Compaq, they've made some good hard decisions. Our plan is to continue the leadership position we've established recently by providing the same focus, marketing logistics and customer service that we have been delivering in the past few months.

- Braham Shnider, general manager



"We feel like a Tooheys or two, it is absolutely fantastic. We are unique in Australia, no one else does what we do, making us very innovative. Distribution is not all broad-based, shotgun stuff, it requires a focus on a particular part of the market. Down the track Compaq wants to widen the focus we have."

- Paul Connelly, managing director



"This demonstrates Compaq's commitment to the storage market. We can offer specialist technical expertise in storage and consultancy services that are value-add based. We will follow Compaq's lead and hopefully gain more scope and meet more business partners.

- Nikki Dewhurst, national marketing managerExpress DataValue products and services"We're very excited to have formed such a significant partnership with Compaq and that we've been recognised for our expertise in network integration and in the future, systems integration. We're going to be assisting our reseller partners to deliver solutions, that is the direction we're heading. We're going to grow and extend our business."

- Ross Cochrane, general manager

The losers


"I am not surprised, but I am disappointed. I guess we were too small and too late. We weren't geared up to get with the Compaq program quick enough.

"We have got some good relationships to carry on with and will be announcing some new ones soon. For us, it is business as usual. I don't think there was going to be a lot of bottom line in it anyway." - Roger Bushell, managing directorAlstom IT"I'm very frustrated that we weren't able to convince Compaq that they needed a strong value-added distribution partner. I think it's ridiculous that Express Data is the value distributor when it doesn't have any experience in platforms, let alone Alpha. Is this a message that the Alpha is dead?"

- Laurie Sellers, chief executive


"I've gone through three emotions - shock, disappointment, but also relief that the decision has finally been made and we can get on with business now. It will be business as usual until the transition period. We're going to pretty aggressively ramp up the Intel white box opportunity and build up the HP business as much as we can.

"Short term, it's not going to hurt us that much as the Compaq business had really waned after the acquisition when they had all 15 distributors. I was really looking at this long term, though, so in that respect it's disappointing."

- Michael Bosnar, managing director

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